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Where is our microfiber made? That’s kind of a tricky question. Most of the tags on our microfiber cleaning products say “Made in China” however that’s not the whole story. The majority of our microfiber towels, microfiber mops and microfiber dusters begin their life in Korea and are finished in China. This means that the crucial, technical aspects of production are done in Korea while the more labor intensive aspects of production are done in China.

This is important because it allows us to bring you the highest quality microfiber at the lowest possible price. In Korea, the raw bulk yarn is spun, twisted and pulled then it is split with German engineered machines. The splitting process is what makes microfiber cleaning products so effective. This is where the Korean know how comes into play. If it’s not done right, or not done at all you really have nothing more than a soft towel, mop or duster. The splitting process adds surface area to the fiber which is what gives it its ability to absorb so much liquid as well as its ability to pick up and hold dust and dirt. It’s what sets microfiber apart from traditional cleaning textiles like cotton. Once the yarn is split it’s then woven into bulk towel, mop or duster material. At this point the material is sent to China where it is cut and sewn into the finished product.


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