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From our office manager:

I’ve been working at Microfiber Wholesale for almost a year now and until last week I hadn’t actually taken any of the products home with me. Even though it caused me constant ridicule around here, I had been using the Swiffer wet jet and dry dust mops at home; however, when my wet jet broke I decided to give microfiber a try. I took home one of our Microfiber Mop Systems.

The dust mop cleaned my floors so much better and faster than the small swiffer dry cloths – I couldn’t believe it! One of my friends walked in and asked what I had used on my wood floors because they looked so great – I hadn’t even washed them yet! The dust pad is so much bigger that it took me half the time to clean and picked up so much more dust than the swiffer ever did. I was thrilled with the results. The wet pads were just as easy to use. I simply filled my kitchen sink with water and a half cup of my favorite floor cleaner and dropped a couple of the wet pads in to soak them. Before using them I wrung them out – really easy. The amount of dirt that they took off my kitchen floors was amazing. They really worked great and I didn’t have to scrub very hard at all to get off some of the spots that were a bit more ground in. Again, because of the size of the pads, it went by so much faster than the swiffer ever did, and I went over my floors twice, although the second time wasn’t really necessary as the first time got up all the dirt. I thought it would bother me not being able to just use and then throw away the pads, but the products worked so well that hasn’t been an issue at all. It’s really easy to just throw the used pads into the washing machine to wash them, and the added bonus is that I’m not throwing more unnecessary garbage away, therefore making the microfiber pads much more environmentally friendly. I told 4 girlfriends about how easy the cleaning was this weekend. I would recommend using the microfiber dry mops to dust your floor and microfiber wet mop pads to wash your floor anyone, they are great!!


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