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best microfiber mop system

What's The Best Microfiber Mop System?

Hands down, the most frequently asked question around here is, "which microfiber mop system should I buy?" As you're probably aware, we offer 2 - the Microfiber Mop System and the Professional Microfiber Mop System. Both systems include a handle and frame, 2 wet mop pads and a dust mop pad. But what exactly is the difference and what's the best microfiber mop system for you?

Standard Microfiber Mop System

The standard sized Microfiber Mop System comes with a 16" aluminum angled mop frame and a heavy-duty aluminum telescoping handle. The unique angled sides of the frame allow you to easily access corners and baseboards and the swivel mechanism on the top of the frames means the handle will pivot down to allow you to reach under furniture. These features are great for living/family rooms, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. The pads attach to the frame's 2 rows of hook and loop type material and are held in place until they're pulled off. The wet mop pads are light weight and easy to fit under a faucet to dampen and then wring out by hand. The Mojave dust mop pad's outer fringe yarn attracts larger debris like pet hair while the face yarn attracts smaller dust particles. Watch our short 45 second video below.

Professional Microfiber Mop System

The standard sized Premium Microfiber Mop System comes with an 16" heavy duty aluminum mop frame and a stainless steel telescoping handle. The heavy-duty frame features the same type of swivel mechanism that allows the handle to lay down flat but the rectangular design of the frame can make getting into corners a bit more challenging. This frame has 2 rows of hook and loop type material to attach the pads to. The wet mop pads included in this system are our highest quality wet mop pads. The microfiber wraps all the way to the back of the pads allowing you to reach the baseboards and the pad has a thicker core which allows it to absorb more liquid. These pads will cover a greater surface area but can be harder to wring out manually. The Mojave dust mop pad is also included with this system. This mop system is also available in a larger 24” size.

Our Recommendation

Both of Microfiber Wholesale's mop systems feature a locking mechanism on the frame to prevent the frame from swiveling which is useful when washing walls other vertical surfaces or using the mop in a push broom application. Extra pads are available for purchase for all sizes and styles.

Here's our expert opinion...If you're looking for a microfiber mop for everyday or every-other-day cleaning of your home, apartment or condo, the Microfiber Mop System will perfectly suit your needs. If your application involves a larger space or high traffic areas, or you're a professional that needs a microfiber mop for clients that you visit less frequently, we recommend the Professional Microfiber Mop System. To purchase these products use the links below:

Microfiber Mop System Review

Deep Clean Hard Floors, Effortlessly.

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