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What are the best microfiber cleaning cloths? The simple answer is that depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for the best quality microfiber cloths or for the best price? What are you looking to use them for (dusting, cleaning, drying, polishing) and what type of surface are you looking to use them on? That may sound like a lot, so to help you out, below are our top microfiber cleaning cloths for each job! We’ll go over what to use them for so you can clean smarter not harder.

One last thing you should know, the below microfiber cloths are all made for professional cleaners, making them high quality. To see how we get our microfiber cloths to be high quality go here.

Best For Everyday Cleaning & Dusting!

best microfiber cloths for cleaning

As low as $10.98/Pack

16" x 16" Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Microfiber Cloths are the best microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning anything, these work great on any surface to clean, dust, dry, buff, or polish! They are safe enough to use on glass and cars, plush enough to polish on wood, and absorbent enough to be used in your kitchens and bathrooms. They work so great most of the time all you need is just water to clean with them (of course they are compatible with other cleaning products). You’ll see why these are our most popular microfiber cleaning cloths among both professional cleaners and homeowners alike. What makes them special is they are made with our special Intra Weave technology, making them thicker, softer, and more absorbent than your average microfiber towel. We’ve even tested this against other best rated microfiber cleaning cloths on Amazon in our video below. These are available in 10 different colors, as well as in a smaller 12″ x 12″ size and a larger 16″ x 24 size.

Best Used For – Any cleaning task (cleaning, washing, dusting, absorbing, drying, polishing, buffing) on any surface type!

Best For Glass, Windows, & Mirrors

best microfiber cloth for cleaning windows

As low as $9.98/Pack

The Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack is our best set of microfiber cloths for cleaning windows, mirrors, and any other non-porous smooth surface! Instead of using the old Windex and newspaper technique or a squeegee, give these a try. All you need is water, so it's an eco-friendly way to clean. Here's how easy it is!

  1. Use the green microfiber towels damp with water to remove and loosen up all the dirt and debris from your surface.
  2. Use the blue microfiber glass cleaning cloths to dry and remove any streaks.

These are by far our best-selling microfiber cleaning cloths on Amazon! There are 8 microfiber cloths total (6 Blue, 2 Green), all of which are machine washable.

Best Used For – Cleaning and drying on non-porous surfaces: glass, mirrors, windows, stainless steel, etc.

Best For Kitchens

As low as $13.98/Pack

Our best microfiber kitchen cleaning cloths! Our 16" x 24" Microfiber Waffle Towels are usually the go-to for kitchens because of their high absorbency and extra scrubbing power. You can use these to scrub gunk off and wipe down your counters and cook tops, they even work as a nice hand towel. They clean great with just plain water and they air dry out super-fast!. These are available in 3 colors, as well as a smaller 16″ x 16″ size.

Best Used For – Kitchen cleaning and drying.

Best Microfiber Rags

best microfiber rags

As low as $9.98/per box

If you are looking for the best cleaning rags choose MWipes™ Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Wipes. These super handy wipes work way better than paper towels and are much more sanitary than using a dirty old rag to clean.

What you'll love about these is they are cheap enough for one time use making them perfect for heavy-duty clean-ups. But they are also really great quality, thicker and softer than other truly disposable wipes, meaning they can be washed and reused multiple times! They really are super handy and come in an easy dispensing box of 50 with 3 color options.

Best Used For – Quick or Heavy Duty Clean-Ups.

Best Lint-Free Cloths For Lenses

best lint free cloth

As low as $6.98/pack

Our microfiber silk cloths are the best lint free cloths for glasses, lenses, and phones. Made from ultra-soft microfiber silk, these are super safe to use on even the most delicate of surfaces. Perfect for really buffing out those stubborn fingerprints and smudges. They come in a pack of 10, in a variety of colors and sizes.

Best Used For – Polishing on phones, tablets, lenses, and eye wear.

Best Way To Wash Microfiber Cloths

Lastly, a microfiber cloth is only as good as you care for it, so here is our instructions on the best way to wash microfiber cloths.

Deep Clean Hard Floors, Effortlessly.

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