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This product has been discontinued, for our best microfiber mop systems go here

Vermop® Twixter is an innovative mopping system that features two sided microfiber mops that attach and detach from the tool without the user actually touching the mop.

We were first introduced to Vermop® by a customer. The customer is an EVS manager at a hospital who buys microfiber towels from us. We asked about getting his microfiber mop business and he said he hadn’t bought mops in over 5 years. We were intrigued. He went on to explain that he used a German made microfiber mop called Vermop®. He used the Twixter System. He told us that it’s been so long since he’s bought mops because the mops he has haven’t worn out. He estimated that each mop had been laundered well over 500 times. We haven’t wash tested these mops that long, but we’ve also never seen microfiber mops that are as well made as these. After looking at these mops, it’s easy to believe that they could last that long.

The quality of these mops isn’t the only thing that makes them better than any other microfiber mop we’ve seen. They’re also unique because they’re two sided. Because you have two cleaning surfaces per mop you cut your cleaning time down significantly. They also feature a frame that allows you to pick up and release a mop without touching it! These are really exceptional mops. When I took one home to play around with it I was excited to mop my floor, truly excited. When I used it, I was blown away by how well it worked.

We’re stocking several versions of this mop to start out with. They’re all 17” long and about 5.5” wide. That give you roughly the same amount of surface area as our regular 20” Microfiber Wet Mop Pad.

Twixter Tronic: The Tronic is a wet/damp mop. It features a unique blend of microfiber, cotton and polyester. Most microfiber mops are microfiber and polyester, by adding the cotton it lets the cleaning solution release slower allowing you to cover more area before changing or remoistening the mop. The cotton also helps it release debris such as hair during laundering.

Twixter White Magic: The White Magic is meant to be use damp or dry. This mop is a blend of microfiber and polyester. The blended yarn is similar in content to a regular microfiber mop pad. It offers superior cleaning power and soil retention. It’s great for cleaning any type of floor, but is exceptional at cleaning textured floors.

Twixter Double Brush: The Double Brush is a microfiber scrubber mop. It features polyester and microfiber blended yarn with strips of aggressive, yet non abrasive polypropylene. It’s a great for dirty floors like kitchen and restrooms. They work exceptionally well on tile or concrete floors. The Double Brush can be used wet or dry.

Twixter Ceran: The Ceran is meant to be used dry only. It’s made with 100% microfiber face yarn. This is an incredible microfiber dust mop. Its electrostatic properties attract dust without chemicals. These mops glide easily across the floor. They’re great for pre-cleaning before wet mopping, or for routine maintenance between deeper cleanings with a wet mop like the Tronic or White Magic.

Twixter Holder: The Twixter Holder is the backbone of this system. The Holder (frame) allows you to pick up and release the mops without actually touching them. It is really easy to maneuver making this system great for any environment even working around furniture and restroom fixtures. It also flips over to give you a new, clean mop surface to use.

Twixter Telescoping Handle: The handle is a very well made handle that will telescope from 38” to 65”. The handle allows you to adjust the the proper height and lock it into place (for more info on the proper height see our article on Ergonomic Mopping)

Twixter Mop Cart and Wringer: The Twixter Cart and Wringer is great two part wringing system. The frame is made from stainless steel, the casters come with bumper guards. The two high impact plastic buckets are color coated, use one for clean water and one for waste water. The wringer is very well made and doesn’t require much effort to wring out the mop. All in all, it’s by far the best system for wringing out a microfiber mop.

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