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We have lots of customers who do this already so I won’t pretend like this is an original idea, but we have a better way to clean dry erase boards than what method you’re probably currently using.

I was just looking around online on one of the big office supply websites and saw a microfiber towel for about $6 that was for cleaning dry erase boards. Looking at close up pictures of the towel it appears to be a flat woven microfiber towel, similar to our Premium Microfiber Glass Towel. The major difference that I could see was the $6 towel had a name brand embroidered into it… and it’s 33% smaller than our towel. Our towel costs $2.25 each; if you could manage to get 25 at a time (like one for each classroom) the price drops to $1.38 each. Our All Purpose Microfiber Towels will work well for dry erase boards too. The 12”x12” at 25 pieces is $0.75 each and the 16”x16” at 25 pieces is $1.15 and available in 12 colors… your school colors are probably among them.

There’s a better way than using towels though. If you’ve cleaned a dry erase board with a towel you’ve probably noticed that the only part of the towel that’s effective is the area where you’re applying pressure. For most people that’s probably only the width of a few finger tips. If you could effectively wipe away 9 inches at a time you’d be cleaning those math equations off the board much quicker. Use our Microfiber Hand Trowel Tool with a Microfiber Wall Wash Mop and you can do just that! You can use them dry for cleaning throughout the day, or for deeper cleaning use them dampened with water or with a cleaning agent specifically designed for dry erase board. The trowel tool is only $3.90 when ordering less than 25, the Wall Wash Pad is $2.67 when ordering less than 25. That’s just a little bit more than the aforementioned $6 towel from the office supply store.


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