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Why You Should Upgrade to Microfiber for All Your Cleaning

Why You Should Upgrade to Microfiber for All Your Cleaning

My name's Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer of Microfiber Wholesale. As a professional cleaning expert, I only need two minutes to prove to you that upgrading your microfiber is the missing link you’ve been looking for to fix your profitability, your cleaning times, and your employee retention! So, let’s dive in.

Microfiber is the key determinant to how every cleaning task your employees perform turns out because it’s in their hands some 6-7 hours a day. Whether they’re mopping or wiping counters, they’re using microfiber to do it.

This means if you have subpar microfiber, you’ve got a speed and performance problem. If you’re still using old-school microfiber, it’s not picking up nearly the amount of dirt and residue as the cutting-edge innovations leaving microfiber wholesalers’ factories right now.

Microfiber has a huge range of quality, where variations in fiber thinness, shredding, and density can wildly change the final fabric’s performance. Bargain microfiber is made from thicker fibers that aren’t shredded, so they hold far less dirt and release residue and lint as you work.

The good stuff has ultra-fine fibers that are shredded, which double the surface area and create electrically charged friction that locks in soils. So it cleans over 33% faster and lasts up to three times longer!

When you get your employees the good stuff, it takes them much less effort because every stroke picks up more dirt, cutting down your clean time with no extra training and no extra elbow grease required. When it comes to your profits, microfiber can fix that, too. Not only by cutting your supply costs but by cutting your customer attrition and your employee attrition.

Microfiber Wholesale’s products have been lab-tested to prove they retain 90% of their performance for over 300 plus washes, drastically reducing your supply costs.

But as we both know, supplies are really only a drop in the bucket in this industry. Labor and customer acquisition is really where your money’s going.

When you upgrade to microfiber from Microfiber Wholesale, your employees get better cleaning results faster with less effort! They can use up that freed-up mental load to pay attention to their work, make fewer mistakes, and focus on getting the job done right, leading to thrilled, loyal clients and employees who feel pride in their work thanks to all the constant accolades from genuinely happy clients.

Beyond pay, frustration, burnout, and not feeling appreciated are the true sources of employee turnover in this industry, and the right microfiber addresses all of that.

Listen, I know you work so hard to get new customers. They’re expensive, and if your employees are busting their tails to keep those clients thrilled in spite of your subpar microfiber, that is one of the most short-sighted, burning dollars to save pennies decisions a cleaning company can make. Your employees deserve better. Your employees deserve microfiber that lifts them up, not holds them back. And that’s the microfiber that Microfiber Wholesale makes.

I know that because I was one of their clients for ten years before I became an employee. I used to work at the headquarters of one of the largest residential cleaning franchises in North America for 18 years, so I got a front-row seat to see how transformative these products are.

I got to watch them change the way employees clean at over 300 locations with over 5,000 maids for a decade. So when I tell you these products change everything — these products change everything — and they can do it for you, too, but only if you try them.

Your employees are counting on you. These products can help them so much, but only if you do something. So start the process today.

No, really, right now. Are you waiting for an engraved invitation? Why are you still reading this thing? Go reply to Julia now!

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