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If you’re looking for some great blogs for cleaning inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

We at Microfiber Wholesale love cleaning – if it isn’t obvious enough. Lucky for us, there are hundreds of blogs about cleaning and organizing on the web. Here, we’ve rounded up the blogs that we read and get inspiration from.

This comprehensive lists covers the best of the best when it comes to:

  • Cleaning hacks
  • Orderliness tricks
  • Tips on where to start de-cluttering.
  • Blogs showcasing beautiful designs of clean homes

Whether you’re a cleaning buff looking to add more cleaning resources to your list or a busy mom who needs the extra push to keep the home organized, these blogs do an excellent job of turning cleaning into a faster and, if you’re anything like us, a more fun experience.



In Organizing Made Fun, Founder Becky shares insights on how to make cleaning and home keeping a better experience.

She also touches on her passion for DIY, decorating, and natural living. She believes that if you came here looking for inspiration, you are bound to get some.

If motivation is what you are looking for, she guarantees that she’s your girl.

Organizing made fun logo

Jenn is a wife of 10 years and proud mom to two beautiful boys living in British Columbia.

Working part time as a pediatric physiotherapist and full time as a mom and homemaker, she is also the creator of Clean and Scentsible.

Initially, she used the blog to showcase some of her favorite Norwex and Scentsy products, but she quickly became obsessed with all the creative inspiration out there in the blog world and decided to spend more time on the crafty end of things, sharing insights through this blog.

the clean and scentsible logo

Jen can find no other way of better enjoying her passion for organizing than through this blog. She loves trying out new systems and sharing her successes along with lessons learned along the way.

With a few DIY projects thrown in the site, Jen hopes that there will be something for everyone to pop by and see.

iheart organizing logo

Clean Mama was found by Becky, a cleaning and home keeping expert, business owner and author of the books Simply Clean, Touchstone (Simon & Schuster), March 2017, and (The Organically Clean Home, Adams Media, 2014).

She is also a wife and mom to three, a business owner, and a former art teacher. She writes to help her readers discover new ways to do the mundane tasks of home keeping and to bring a little more fun in the cleaning process.

the clean mama logo

A Bowl Full of Lemons is a growing community of people with a shared goal to get their lives in order.

They offer tips and advice on topics such as organization, budgeting, and cleaning.

The site also has a shop that showcases the best products you can use for the job when doing so.

the bowl full of lemons logo

Founder of Ask Anna, Anna Moseley, has always loved to help people and aid her family and friends clean, organize and decorate their homes – so she put that all together on the pages of her blog.

Through her tips, she hopes to help people that visit her site and is open to any related questions.

The Ask anna logo

A Slob Comes Clean is the completely honest (and never-ending) story of Dana’s personal deslobification process.

As she finds ways to keep her home under control, she shares the truth about cleaning and organizing strategies that actually work in real life for real people – people who don’t like cleaning or organizing.

The logo for a slob comes clean

The Organized Mom is a lifestyle website with a goal to keep today’s mothers organized.

With topics such as family life and cleaning to recipes and fitness, it contains articles and tips that are bound to help the everyday mom.

Kirsten Horton is the founder of Organized Charm. She is an organization-obsessed kindergarten teacher who believes in making life as bright, cheery, and orderly as possible.

Through weekly blog posts about decluttering, daily social media updates, and answering reader updates, her site aims to help you achieve your goal.

organized charm logo

In Get Organized Wizard, Michele Connolly teaches readers how to take action and get rid of the clutter in one’s life, as a result making them happier overall.

She believes that being organized is great resource for living happy, effective life. She created this site in hope of guiding people to get organized.

The get organized wizard logo


Apartment Therapy is a blog with a goal to help people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.

They point out that creating a calm, healthy, and beautiful home doesn’t require large amounts of money or space. It requires inspiration, connection to resources and motivation to do something about it.

House Beautiful is a digital lifestyle magazine that focuses on home improvement, decorating ideas, DIY projects, and gardening tips.

From what kind of paint you should be using to the best brunch ideas, it is bound to equip its readers with the right information to having a more beautiful home and life.

The house beautiful logo

Melissa Michaels is the creator of The Inspired Room, a decorating blog designed to help you love the home you have.

She was honored two years in a row, 2015 and 2014 to be voted the Reader’s Favorite Decorating Blogger at Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

She is budget conscious but also appreciate good design and a well-kept home.

the inspired room's logo

One Good Thing by Jillee is a home and lifestyle blog. Jillee Nystul, founder of the blog, shares tips, advice, and articles revolving around recipes, homemaking, gardening, cleaning, and just about anything that will make life a bit more enjoyable and easier.

The one good thing by Jillee blog

The Idea Room was found by Amy Huntley. She uses it as a medium to share her love for all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families.

The site offers a wide range of activities from recipes, cleaning tips and crafts to home decor and DIY projects.

the idea room logo

Anne Sage has been blogging since 2008 with her signature smart yet stylish approach to fashion, interiors, entertaining and more.

Her taste reflects a clean and organized home, which is a source of inspiration for others who are trying to achieve the same.

the anne sage blog

Yvonne is a mother, wife, and empty nester living with her husband Bobby. She is the founder of StoneGable, an American farmhouse living blog.

Through it, she shares interior design insights, amazing recipes, tablescapes, DIY tutorials, cleaning tips, and podcasts about decorating.

She hopes that others can learn from her as much as she tries to learn from others.

the stone gable logo

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia is run by Kristin Salazar.

Here she shares her love for DIY, crafts, recipes, cleaning tips, organization, love for her family and so much more.

Her husband and she have enjoyed turning their suburban home into their dream home while remaining functional and practical.

She hopes to show her readers it is possible to create stylish beautiful spaces fit for busy families on a budget.

the my uncommon slice of suburbia

Jennifer Schmidt is the founder of Balancing Beauty & Bedlam, a home and lifestyle blog that seeks to provide inspiration and encouragement for cooking, finances, home life, DIY and more.

In her blog, she shares her secrets to frugal living, hoping others can learn from her and benefit from her tips and advice.

the balancing beauty and bedlam logo

Mary Beth is a wife, mom to three sons, homemaker and founder of Cupcakes and Crinoline.

She has a love for all things home and uses this blog to share her favorite recipes, cleaning hacks, craft ideas and gardening tips. Her posts are lovely as they are informative.

the cupcakes & crinoline logo

Heather is an interior designer, blogger, entrepreneur, and DIY enthusiast. In her blog, Setting for Four, she loves to share her passion for interior decor, home renovations, furniture builds and family friendly DIY projects that won’t break the bank or sacrifice style Food and lifestyle topics including delicious recipes for the foodie, decorative crafts and snippets of her military lifestyle are also featured.

the setting for four logo

Brenda is the writer behind COZY LITTLE HOUSE. She enjoys decorating and gardening on a budget, repurposing finds, and being frugal in general.

She loves to share her experiences, tips, and advice with others so that they too can keep their homes cozy and clean.

the cozy little house logo

Jerri is a sweet Southern girl and a loving wife, mom, pet mommy, and founder of Simply Sweet Home.

She loves to share recipes, products, and ideas to foster a “simply sweet” home family and life.

Through this blog, she is able to do so and help others become better homemakers as well.

The simply sweet home blog logo

Erin is a Southern transplant originally from Indiana, currently living in the Atlanta suburbs with her husband and three young sons.

Her blog focuses on home decorating, DIY, and lifestyle topics.

It contains decorating ideas, crafts, and DIY projects ranging from small craft projects to furniture builds and everything in between, as well as occasional travel posts.

Her blog was founded on the belief that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have a beautiful home.

the erin spain logo

Erin Kennedy is the editor of MyThirtySpot, a lifestyle website dedicated to women in their 30s and their journey.

The site shares informative tips and stories on beauty, fashion, anti-aging, money, motherhood, health, diet, recipes, and ways to keep a home beautiful.

The mythirtyspot logo

Through her homemaking and DIY blog, Cleverly Inspired, Tracie hopes that people will find inspiration and be clever in their own homes.

She provides DIY advice, crafts, recipes and decorating chit chat all on a mindful budget.

She loves to share whatever she learns and hopes that her readers will feel the same way about her blog.

the cleverly inspired logo

Meegan is wife of 38 years to her husband, mother of seven children, and grandmother to 24.

She likes to blog about her thrifted and vintage finds for her condo cottage as well as her cooking and crafts.

She shares her experiences through articles and tips, hoping to aid readers in their quest of improving their homes and lifestyle.

the what meegan makes blog

Home Ec 101 is a site designed to teach real skills as they apply to real lives.

Not everyone has the time or resources to keep up with magazines; this site aims to reach the everyday person and teach them that the domestic arts that make life a little less expensive, a little easier, and a little more enjoyable.

The home ec 101 logo

Kristen is the creator of The Road to Domestication. Sometimes, her posts focus on particular events, projects, or recipes.

Sometimes, she talks about her home business, organization, crafting, cleaning, or anything kitchen-related.

She hopes that, through her experiences, tips, and advice, her readers can learn too.

the road domestication logo

A wife of 27 years and a mom of 3, Margo is also the founder of Joyful Homemaking.

She knows how challenging it is to get nutritious meals on the table every day, and to keep a home presentable.

Through this blog, she aims to help readers with weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and quick cleaning and organizing tips.

the joyful homemaking logo

Shelterrific, LLC began in March 2006 founded by Angela Matusik.

It covers just about every subject that is related to our homes, including decorating, cooking, cleaning, crafting, organizing and more.

Shelterrific hopes to point you to the best products, ideas and resources available.

the shelterrific logo

Lisa Leslie-Williams is the person behind The Domestic Life Stylist™.

She is a pharmacist turned lifestyle writer living in the Washington, DC area. In her blog, she shares her passion for food, home improvement, fashion, family, and travel.

When Lisa isn’t blogging, you can find her homeschooling her two kids, making local and national TV appearances, keeping up on her pharmacy CEs or planning her next trip.

the domestic life stylist

Third Stop on the Right is a home and lifestyle blog run by Rachel. She writes about the joys and struggles of single parenting.

Whether it is home decorating, home keeping, crafting, or DIY, she is all about it. In addition, she loves baking and creating yummy treats for my little family.

the third stop on the right logo

Home decor blog and online shop filled with the authors favorite decorating finds throughout the web. From decor accessories to furniture, lifestyle items and so much more.

the cozy decor store logo



“ is your go-to online service for finding professional housekeepers & housekeeping jobs.

Our website is a job posting service focused on connecting people with a community of qualified cleaning professionals for home, office or commercial cleaning.

So whether you’re looking for a housekeeper, house cleaner, maid service, or cleaning lady or you’re a professional cleaner looking for work— can help.”

the logo

You’ve Got Maids is a housekeeping maid service that can be utilized to keep your house clean as you focus on other tasks.

They have a blog with articles that teach readers how to take proper care of their home – be it in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

The you've got maids logo

King of Maids, a professional cleaning service founded by Filip Boksa and Kamil Kowalkowski, has a blog packed with home cleaning tips and articles.

Whether it be home care or improvement, there are insights that are bound to help anyone who is looking to improve the way they clean.

the king of maids logo

Maid Complete is a professional home cleaning agency, specializing in all kinds of cleaning services.

Through their articles and tips, readers can learn the right ways to clean particular areas of a home. They share solutions such as cleaning certain appliances and removing particular substances off of them.



Having fixed up three homes, had two kids, written books, started a podcast, and designed products, John and Sherry are the founders behind Young House Love.

In their website, they share over 3000 free DIY and home-related projects and posts, aiming to improve homes, keep them clean, and decorate them.

the young house love logo

Style at Home is an interior design, homemaking and lifestyle blog.

From food recipes and party set-ups to housekeeping and outdoor living, they have a wide variety of articles that are bound to help anyone looking to improve their home and lifestyle.

Remodelaholic is a DIY blog run by Cassity. Together with her husband, they aim to teach readers how to reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and remodel on a budget.

She tries to use old things in creative ways and reuse old building supplies in other projects.

Currently they are on their 5th project house; she shares her experience cleaning and fixing up old houses into restoration.

HomeTips has been serving inspiration and expert advice to homeowners through technology, books, magazines, and television for more than 30 years.

Having served quality home improvement advice to more than 100 million visitors, they are one of the web’s top home-improvement sites.

They offer more than 2000 articles from experts involving home repairs, cleaning methods, buying guides, and more.

Architecture Art Design is a blog that focuses on architecture, interior, product, and outdoor design. It shares the advances and latest trends in those fields.

It also provides tips on DIY projects and insight on photography. It has a clean, clutter-free layout making it easy for ready to jump from one topic to the next.

Diane loves all things creative, colorful, and DIY and shares all of it in her blog, In My Own Style. She provides creative and affordable ideas to decorate your home.

She believes that with a bit of ingenuity and resourcefulness anyone can create a home they love. She shares articles such as crafting, painting, organizing, and cleaning.

Debbie is a grandma, wife, sister and daughter and is also a paint brush, frying pan, nail gun hailing woman. She makes it a point to finish one project a day.

She runs Refresh Restyle, a home, interior design, and lifestyle blog. Through it, she shares tips on how to keep a home clean, insights on interior design, and recipes for mouth-watering dishes.

Home Bunch is a blog that features beautiful interiors, luxury estates, celebrity homes and a vibrant design community.

Luciane, the founder and editor of the blog, shares not only one of her biggest passions, which is interior design, but also blogs to learn from readers.

The blog also showcases various home restorations, removing old clutter to transform houses to new cozy abodes.

Architecture Lab is an online architecture magazine specialized in art, architecture and design.

Their goal is to make architecture more connected, and bring together architects/designers from around the world searching for the latest architectural news: projects, products, events, interviews and competitions among others.

Living in Upstate New York in an old colonial home built in 1900 with her husband, Jessica is a Ph.D. student by day and a knee-pad wearing, drill-wielding, spray painting do-it-yourselfer by night.

She runs Decor Adventures, a place where you can find easy, affordable projects and ideas to make your new or old home a beautiful, meaningful place.

In her site, she shows you her process of restoration which involves getting handsy with cleaning and fixing.

DesignLike is a blog which posts news and articles in design and architecture for all people who want information about new trends in design, who want to beautify and personalize their environment, and who want to increase their overall quality of life through great design.

Love and Renovation was found by Amanda. She loves teaching people how to make their home beautiful without a lot of time, effort, or money. She believes that one doesn’t have to be a pro to renovate their home. In this blog, she shares the little things are important such as the right flooring, a fresh coat of paint, and proper cleaning. These changes add up and improve the home significantly.

Mix and Chic is run by Jessie, an interior decorator based in Chicagoland, Illinois. Through this blog, she shares her passion for design and her inspirations with her readers.

Occasionally, she will be showing her home and some of her client’s decorating projects.

She is a firm believer that a beautiful home can be achieved in any budget through keeping things clean, creativity, and smart shopping.

Building Moxie is a professional and DIY home improvement blog. They provide how-tos, tips, and advice on everyday to restore, maintain, and improve one’s home. Their articles are clear, straightforward, and easy-to-understand making it suitable for new homemakers and veterans alike.

Better Decorating Bible was launched by Suzy Cacic in February 2011. Through it, her goal is to bring one’s home decor dream into a reality.

From gorgeous high-quality photographs, dozens of home tours, cleaning tips, and easy and affordable DIY projects – Better Decorating Bible aims to help turn a bland home beautiful.

I Am a Homemaker is a home and interior design blog run by Jillian. She loves to make her home beautiful by using her DIY skills and her eye for design.

Through this blog, she shares her latest projects, findings, tips, and articles about the wonderful world of homemaking.

Archi Scene is a daily architecture and design journal that focuses on groundbreaking projects and timeless eye-catching design.

They are a source for inspiring creativity in the field of residential and hotel architecture. They also touch on ways to improve one’s ability to interior design and share quality furniture.

They keep a vast archive for the readers, making them be able to search for architecture destination by the countries and cities around the globe.

Fresh Design Blog is a modern and contemporary home interior design blog. Updating regularly, they showcase fabulous finds and decorating inspiration for your home and garden.

They are also always on the lookout for bargain buys, special offers and ways to decorate, accessorize, and clean homes on a budget.

The blog features an array of product ideas, from high street stores and well-known names, to new and up-and-coming designers.

Adorable Home is an Interior Design & Architecture magazine that strives to share inspirational home design ideas.

They showcase the finest, the latest, and sometimes even the most peculiar interior designs, décor trends and architectural achievements, hoping to stir one’s imagination and provide ideas with practical information.

With tens of thousands of visual examples and advice from experts, making the right choices when decorating, furnishing, and renovating your home becomes an easier task.

An modern architecture design blog focusing on the latest trends in interior design, architecture and beautiful inspirational photos.



Working Mother is a mentor, role model and advocate for the country’s more than 17 million moms who are devoted to their families and committed to their careers.

Through multiple mediums and platforms, Working Mother provides its educated and affluent readers with the community, solutions and strategies they need to thrive.

Mom Spark was found by Amy Bellgardt – wife, mom, lifestyle & travel blogger, foodie, social media strategist, nerd, and coffee drinker.

She is a work-at-home mom of two boys and wife to a handsome jingle writer/video producer. She first started the site to connect with fellow moms, exchange tips, and share stories.

Together with three other writers, they have a wide range of articles for moms that include recipes, crafts, travel, parenting, fashion, and more.

City Moms Blog Network’s mission is to connect moms to info and parenting perspectives unique to their communities; to provide a positive voice for motherhood internationally; to support women in the growth of their businesses; and to help brands reach their audience.

They are a community of women passionate about connecting moms.

Through this site, Jessica Kielman is on a mission to show other women that they can live well without breaking the bank.

She likes to share the thrifty, creative ways that she makes at home, hoping to spark the creativity in someone else.

She also loves to share DIY projects, crafts, simple recipes and cleaning tips too!

Initially a personal blog by Louise Bishop, MomStart has grown to a eight-person parenting blog.

Their entire team is located in the Pacific Northwest greater Seattle area. It also covers topics such as travel, tech, and fashion.

MomStart has been listed on the 2009 Nielson list as one of the top 50 power mom bloggers, and was listed with Axis PR as one of the top 50 mommy bloggers.

Colleen Padilla, the founder and editor of Classy Mommy lives in the Philly suburbs and is a full time mom for her two children, Kenzie and Kyle. Classy Mommy is an essential website for moms featuring ways to improve home life.

Debra Muccio is a wife and mother (9-year old daughter) living in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Debra traded in high-powered suits and high-heeled shoes for a role as mommy – crayon enthusiast, storyteller, and kisser of boo-boo’s.

You’ll find everything from family travel and entertainment to recipes and straight talk about the grieving process, as Debra lost her mom unexpectedly over a decade ago.

Annette Belnap is your typical wife and mom to five kids. She loves to share family friendly recipes, parenting advice, cleaning and organizing tips and product reviews.

Through her blog, she hopes that fellow moms can learn a thing or two about motherhood.

Joking that she had gone “mad” when she entered motherhood, The Mad Mommy is a mother of two kids from the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

In her website, she writes topics just about anything from cleaning tips and product reviews to dinner recipes and snippets from her own life.

Wife to a sweetheart and mama to six children, Caroline is the founder of The Modest Mom Blog.

When she’s not homeschooling, cooking meals, changing diapers, or doing yet another load of laundry, you will find her here as she shares her heart concerning modesty, femininity, and mothering.

The Parenting Patch is a website founded by Heather and James, a husband and wife team.

The site includes a blog, news, reviews, recipes, and information including baby sign language and a week by week pregnancy calendar.

The mission of The Parenting Patch is to share the parenting experience with preconception, conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting with other parents, bloggers, and other interested bystanders.

Marysa is a busy mom of two girls living in Upstate New York.

When she’s not busy juggling work, her kid’s activities, her family life, running a Girl Scout Troop, she’s running A Nation of Moms.

She loves the great outdoors, vegetarian food, camping, travel, swimming, reading and sharing these experiences on her blog.

Meredith is a mom, writer, Diet Coke connoisseur, born and raised Texan, and founder of

Having three kids, she shares her experiences and what she has learned because of them through this blog. She also writes about cooking, home cleaning and lifestyle.

SensiblySara is a family lifestyle blog with a focus on recipes, travel, home improvement, crafts & DIY. You’ll also find a sprinkle of Disney throughout.

Sara Phillips, founder of the blog, lives with her husband, Larry, and her two boys, James and Colin, in San Antonio.

She enjoys food, DIY projects, traveling, photography, spending time with her family, playing cards, geocaching, camping and more.

Momma Young at Home is a mom and lifestyle blog run by Anjanette from Reno, Nevada.

Having been married for nearly 25 years with six kids, she never runs out of things to write about.

She covers topics such as home improvement, recipes, crafts, and parenting to name a few.

Tabitha Blue is a mommy, designer, blogger, wife and founder of Fresh Mommy Blog, a place where motherhood, food, travel, design and stylish little things collide.

She shares her journey of her life, travels, and her attempt at domesticity.

From DIY tips and cooking recipes to fashion and life lessons, Fresh Mommy Blog covers just about anything.

In Kelly’s Thoughts on Things, Kelly blogs about anything and everything.

Her forte is product reviews, a passion that derives from her love of saving money.

She finds great satisfaction in reviewing products because she knows because this helps her readers when they plan on purchasing something.

She regularly shares tips and information on a broad range of topics, including fashion, beauty, travel, health, and autism.

kelly's thoughts on things blog

Southern Krazed is an all-around lifestyle website that touches on a wide variety of household topics.

They cover topics such as green living, essential oils, DIY arts and crafts, parenting, gardening, and recipes.

Each post has a hint of Southern insight, aiming to help their readers achieve a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

the southern krazed blog logo

Untrained Housewife empowers parents who want to obtain a more self-sufficient lifestyle with real-life advice, how-tos, and honest views of modern work-from-home advice.

With over a hundred active contributors, daily content with varying ages and views are represented.

the untrained housewife logo

Urban Dictionary defines a masshole as “For residents of Massachusetts, it is an achieved title for driving faster, being reckless, cutting other drivers off often, and having no patience for other drivers on the road”.

Robin, being from Massachusetts and a mother of three boys, is the Masshole Mommy. She has been blogging about parenthood since October 2009.

the masshole mommy logo

Long Wait for Isabella is a Seattle area family friendly blog run by LaVonne as she fumbles happily through life with pastor-husband and two wild kids.

In Long Wait for Isabella, you will find travel, craft, recipe, parenting and product review posts. She offers tips, seeks advice, and shares fun photos of her adorable kids.

the long wait for isabella blog logo

Overstuffed is run by Lara where she about parenting tweens and teens, homemaking for busy moms, and how to find joy and balance in the overstuffed life that we mothers have to juggle.

Like her blog’s motto, she strives to offer simple solutions for busy moms.

the overstuffed logo

Born and raised in Haiwaii, Keikilani (pronounced: Cake-E-Lawnee) is the founder of All My Good Things. She is based in Houston, Texas married to the man of her dreams.

Together they have three awesome boys and they just adopted another boy and his twin sisters – that makes six kids all in all.

In her blog, she shares encouraging thoughts, lessons that God has taught her, recipes, crafts, household tips, kid antics and craziness.

the all my good things blog logo

Mumbling Mommy is a parenting blog comprised of a group of moms and dads.

All of them tell “true stories from the front lines of parenting, hoping to help other parents raise their kids.

Aside from tales about parenthood, the blog also offers content about cooking, home improvement, and lifestyle.

the mumbling mommy blog logo

Mother of three, Cathy Ratcliffe is a work-at-home mom from Virginia Beach. Other than her three kids, she has four dogs, a dwarf rabbit, and two fire-bellied Asian frogs.

She also cares for her elderly, disabled mother. With all these tasks, she deems herself quite frazzled.

This site chronicles her struggles to be a great homemaker and shares the things she has learned over the years.

the frazzled homemaker blog logo

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