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The Easiest Way For Cleaning Companies To Save Money and the Environment

The Easiest Way For Cleaning Companies To Save Money and the Environment

Running a cleaning business feels like being pulled in a million different directions. On one side, you've got thrifty customers demanding faster, cheaper cleaning. On the other, picky clients who want their spaces to shine like a new penny and who push you to use stronger soaps.

On yet another side, exhausted employees beg you to make their jobs easier, while the accountants push you to cut expenses to fix the bottom line. Finally, you have society at large demanding that you be a better steward of the environment and make your operations greener!

So, how do you make everyone happy? I've got a two-word answer for you: Upgrade Microfiber.

Switching to premium microfiber is a game-changer for Mother Nature and your bank account. Top-quality microfiber can trap and hold onto 99.5% of dirt and germs using just water!

That doesn’t mean you get to ditch all your cleaning products since you're still a professional cleaner, but you'll get to use way less. Say goodbye to that old cotton string mop that needs gallons and gallons of water and soap every night. With a microfiber flat mop, you can damp mop floors, using over ten times less water and soap while still achieving even better results!

Even windows are a breeze. With the right specialty glass microfiber cloth, you can ditch your Windex and clean glass and mirrors streak-free with just water and a touch of dish soap.

Premium microfiber not only keeps more chemicals out of the waterways, it keeps more trash out of landfills and more money in your wallet! Lab testing has proven that Microfiber Wholesale’s products last over 300+ washes and still keep over 90% of their original performance strength, so you can use them far longer than any other bargain microfiber you’ve been buying.

With premium microfiber, your company can buy far fewer replacement towels and mop heads over time, saving money and Mother Nature.

Microfiber Wholesale is a third-generation, family-owned, American company that has been dedicated to making some of the most innovative cleaning products in the industry for over 75 years! Our customers list continues to grow quickly, with many sticking around for more than a decade, because of the quality of our products paired with the small family business TLC that got us here in the first place.

Taking great care of our customers and Mother Nature has always been at the heart of what we do, which is why we can make products that last so long and count on client loyalty, not constant product replacements, to grow our business.

Best of all, when you switch to better microfiber, you get to have your cake and eat it too! With premium microfiber like Microfiber Wholesale’s, you can reduce inventory replacement costs, chemical costs, and negative environmental impact, but still give your customers gloriously clean results, all while making your cleaner’s jobs easier than ever before. There’s literally no downside.

So, in a nutshell, if you want to protect your profits and the planet, while still keeping your customers and cleaners smiling, make the switch to premium microfiber from Microfiber Wholesale.

You’ll never look back, we promise… except maybe to admire your sparkling results!

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