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Regular vs Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pads

Regular vs Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pads

A common question we get at Microfiber Wholesale® is "what's the difference between your regular microfiber wet mop pads and the premium ones?" If you've ever bought one of our mop systems and looked for refills, you've probably had this same question. See which one is the best fit for you below!

Regular Mop Pads

Our regular microfiber wet mop pads have 470 GSM microfiber face yarn looped with polyester yarn to help the pad glide across the floor. The backing is hook and loop material with overlock stitching on the edges.  

  • Lightweight: Thin foam core prevents the pads from absorbing too much liquid so they remain light and are easy to maneuver
  • Easy handling: Easy to wet and rinse in a sink, and wring out by hand
  • Size Availability: Available in 7 sizes from 10" to 60"

Premium Mop Pads

Our premium wet mop pads have a thick foam core and the same microfiber face yarn but it wraps around the edges and is sewn to the top of the pad. The backing is hook and loop material.

  • More absorbent: The thick foam core holds more liquid than our regular version - ideal for spills and high traffic areas that tend to be more soiled
  • Cleans harder to reach areas: Microfiber edges helps to clean the bottom of baseboards as you mop
  • Cushioned: The core allows for the pad to take more pressure to get into the crevices of uneven flooring like natural stone or rough hewn wood

Which Mop Pad Is Best For Me?


Here's our expert opinion: if you're looking for a microfiber mop pad for everyday or every-other-day cleaning of your home, apartment or condo, the regular mop pads will perfectly suit your needs. If your application involves a larger space, high traffic areas, uneven flooring, or you're a professional that needs a microfiber mop for clients that you visit less frequently, we recommend the premium mop pads.


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