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We now have conventional wet mops, dust mops, handles and buckets on You may be wondering what mops made out of recycled plastic bottles, launderable cotton dust mops, and downpress mop wringers have to do with microfiber… the answer is they don’t. However even in a day when microfiber cleaning products are dominating the cleaning world there is still a place for high quality conventional cleaning tools. For instance, you can’t use a microfiber wet mop pad in a hospital operating room, it doesn’t have the capacity to pick up all the liquids and debris on the floor. You can’t use a microfiber tube mop to clean up a greasy oily automotive repair shop, the tube mop won’t release the grease and oil when laundered like a conventional mop will.

All of these new items are things you would have found on the other site, We brought over our line of EarthKleen™ Recycled Wet Mops and EarthKleen™ Recycled Dust Mops. We also added our 100% Synthetic Wet Mops which are machine washable wet mops in 3 sizes. You’ll find our machine washable dust mops along with our dust mop frames and professional quality dust mop handles too. We also carry a couple of top of the line mop buckets and wringers. We even carry Antimicrobial Wet Mops (sometimes incorrectly called Antibacterial Wet Mops) which prevent the growth of odor causing mold and mildew.


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