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We are now stocking a really cool Microfiber Scrubbing Sponge. It is really a dual purpose sponge; on one side in addition to plush microfiber it has polypropylene fibers which give it a stiffer feel. On the other side is woven microfiber material. Both sides of the sponge give you the cleaning power of microfiber. The polypropylene is great for loosening baked on food from dishes, pots, pans as well as counters tops and cook tops. The plush microfiber on the scrubbing side will pick up and hold most of the stuff you’ve scrubbed loose but if anything is left behind you can wipe it down with the smooth side of the sponge. You can also use the sponge in bathrooms and other areas of your home.

One of the best things about this sponge is that it’s a machine washable sponge. You’re probably used to sponges that you have to toss out after several days because they start to smell. Something that smells that bad is sure to be carrying microbes and bacteria, so if you use it are you really getting anything clean? With our new sponge you can clean a little greener by washing the sponge and reusing it rather than throwing it away.


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