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15% OFF Microfiber Mops & Mops Kits

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We just added a new item, a Large Microfiber Tube Mop. You’ll be amazed at how much our microfiber tube mops absorb. Since they absorb so much they’re really ideal for area where liquid on the floor can present a slipping hazard. This means they’re great for restaurants, grocery stores, kitchens or anywhere else liquid may be spilled.

Our tube mops are made from the same woven material as our All Purpose Microfiber Towels. This means that in addition to being great at absorbing, they’re also great at cleaning the floor. Since they’re made from split microfiber the individual fibers grab and hold on to dirt, dust and grime leaving your floor cleaner than traditional string type wet mops.

The Large Microfiber Tube Mops are now available in 4 colors; Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. Having for color options gives you the ability to designate a different color for different applications. For instance a hospital might designate Red Tube Mops for the OR, Green Tube Mops for lobbies and hallways, Yellow Tube Mops for restrooms and Blue Tube Mops for patient rooms.

If you’re not familiar with microfiber tube mops but use traditional looped end or cut end wet mops do yourself a favor and order one today. For more information or to order visit the Large Microfiber Tube Mop order page.


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