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We’re happy to introduce our new Angle Microfiber Mop Frame and Tool, which is the handle and the frame combined. We decided to bring in these new mop handles to simplify things and because they’re an improvement in design over the Trapezoid Tools they’ll eventually replace.

First, these microfiber mop frames are have the same shape as the Trapezoid Frame. This design helps you get the mop into corners and its low profile makes mopping under furniture and under doors easier.

Second, the swivel mechanism on these frames is much improved compared to the Trapezoid Frame. In fact, it’s the same design as the almost foolproof swivel in Heavy Duty Frames. Our customers have raved about the durability of the Heavy Duty Frames, and we expect the same great performance from the new Angle Frames & Tools.

Lastly, these new frames work with our Heavy Duty and Stainless Steel telescoping handles! Both of these handles are now threaded so you can also use them with our Microfiber Dusters. No longer do you need separate handles for your mops and dusters.

The new frames and tools are available in the following sizes:
16” Angle Microfiber Mop Frame | 16” Angle Microfiber Mop Tool (Use with 18” Mops)
18” Angle Microfiber Mop Frame | 18” Angle Microfiber Mop Tool (Use with 20” Mops)
24” Angle Microfiber Mop Frame | 24” Angle Microfiber Mop Tool (Use with 26” Mops)

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