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Microfiber Wipes

MWipes™ - Disposable vs Reusable Microfiber Wipes

Looking for lower cost microfiber for high-risk or heavy-duty cleaning jobs? At Microfiber Wholesale we have two great options:

We will discuss their differences below, but before we do that it's important to note what they have in common. Both are great for the following tasks and applications:

MWipes™ Reusable

Mwipes™ Microfiber Wipes

Our Reusable MWipes are 10"x12" and have warp terry weave, similar to our all-purpose towels. They are able to pick up and grab debris, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. These are great for quick clean-ups too, and are machine washable for reuse. They come in 3 colors (blue/white/red) for color-coding.

Our recommendation: These are quite versatile. They’re a great replacement for shop towels and are really useful in residential or personal settings.

MWipes™ Disposable

disposable microfiber cloths

Our Disposable MWipes come in 2 sizes, 12"x12" and 16"x16". These are non-woven wipes, similar to a heavy duty paper towel. They are lint-free and perfect for wiping down surfaces that have already been cleaned and disinfected. These are an excellent choice for hazardous or heavily soiled areas like healthcare or food service industries

Our recommendation: Perfect for one-time use applications. More practical in high-risk settings - healthcare, food service, etc.


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