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Is All Microfiber the Same?

Is All Microfiber the Same?

Microfiber is a staple in most cleaning professional’s arsenal. Its construction makes it superior to clean with so the user can work faster and clean more effectively.

However, not all microfiber is created equal. Most of it isn’t made well at all. But you can’t really tell from looking at it.

So how do you identify a good-quality microfiber towel? We’ll show you the quickest and easiest way.

Many companies offer microfiber towels in their product line. But if you know nothing about the construction of microfiber, which, let’s be honest, most people don’t, then it’s not unreasonable to believe that all microfiber towels are more or less the same.

We won’t bore you, but so you understand a little better, let’s do a very quick lesson on microfiber so you can learn the basics.

Microfiber is a fabric made from polyester and nylon (or polyamide), with incredibly thin fibers. To put it in perspective, it takes 100 microfibers to match the thickness of one human hair, and 1000 to match one cotton fiber.

Their microscopic size means there needs to be more of them to make up a structure, such as a towel. This, in turn, gives them more surface area, and therefore, more cleaning power.

Microfiber is measured in grams per meter (GSM). Think of it like thread count for cotton sheets; the higher the number, the better the quality. You’ll find most microfiber towels on the market are about 200GSM, which is actually really low.

Our MW Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towels, on the other hand, are a whopping 320GSM. That’s 33% more microfiber than most other brands out there.

If you’d like to learn more about the science of microfiber, check this article out.

The Easiest Way to Check Your Microfiber Towels

You’re probably thinking, “My microfiber towels all look the same. How can I tell if the GSM is high?”

Well, there are several ways to test them out, by specifically looking at the:

      • Absorbency;
      • Softness; and,
      • Grippiness.

Although, these all require some time and effort to test.

The easiest and quickest way to test them is to do the flashlight test.

        1. Grab your towel and hold it up in a mirror.
        2. Using a flashlight (your smartphone will do), shine the light behind the towel.
        3. If you can see the light through the towel, then it has a low GSM.

Below you'll see how three different brands' towels with GSM under 250 performed. You can see the light through all three towels — no surprises, there.

Other Brand Towel #1 

Other Brand Towel #2 

Other Brand Towel #3

The same test was done on our MW Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel, and the results speak for themself...

Get The Best Out of Your Microfiber Towels

We've been supplying microfiber to cleaning professionals for years. We know everything about microfiber, and we want you to know it, too, so you can make better buying decisions.

When you choose microfiber products at a lower price point, it can end up costing you much more long term. Cheaper microfiber is thinner, makes you work harder, and doesn't last as long.

When you choose quality microfiber products, you may invest a little more up front, but they pay for themselves in no time at all. More microfiber means more capability to clean better and faster, and they will last longer.

As the saying goes, Buy nice, or buy twice. 

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