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We just received a shipment of our new Microfiber Mini Duster, and we’re pretty excited about it. Yeah, that’s right… we get excited about dusters, so what? I’m not even kidding either, Tony in the warehouse snapped this pic of me posing next to a pallet of them this morning:

My dad used to call that a “mule eating briers grin”.

These are actually pretty cool. Like so many of our other innovative products, this wasn’t our idea at all. In fact, I had to be convinced. This was dreamed up by customers. Many of our professional cleaner customers had been using a disposable Swiffer® duster. They liked the shape of it and the way it worked, but because it wasn’t launderable it was actually really expensive. We were asked if we had a solution, we did not… and neither did any of our competitors so we went and found one!

Behold, the Microfiber Mini Duster:

See why we’re so excited?

This needs to be in your cleaning arsenal, especially if you’re a pro. Click here to order your Mini Duster today!


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