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Microfiber Essentials Every Cleaning Kit Needs

Microfiber Essentials Every Cleaning Kit Needs

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Cleaning enthusiasts and professionals understand the importance of using professional-grade tools to achieve great results effortlessly. This is where microfiber products have dominated the cleaning industry, offering superior cleaning power, durability, and eco-friendliness.

But how do you determine if you have all the microfiber essentials for a complete, pro-level clean?

Let’s walk through all the top microfiber products—from towels to mops to dusting tools—and help you identify any gaps in your cleaning arsenal.

Why Microfiber?

Before diving into the essentials, it's important to understand why microfiber is the go-to choice for many cleaning professionals.

Microfiber is composed of tiny fibers that are incredibly effective at trapping dirt, dust, and bacteria. This material is not only excellent for cleaning but also reduces the need for harsh chemicals, making it a more environmentally friendly option. Now, let's explore the must-have microfiber products for achieving that professional-grade clean.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are the cornerstone of every cleaning kit. They come in various sizes and thicknesses (known as GSM or grams per meter), each suited to different tasks.

Here are the types of microfiber towels you should consider:

All-Purpose Economy Microfiber Towels 

Our All-Purpose Economy Microfiber Towels are ideal for everyday cleaning tasks, from wiping countertops to cleaning window frames. These towels are 250GSM, very absorbent, and can be used wet or dry.

Available in bulk at a great per-towel price so you’ll never run out of towels on a job, and can be laundered hundreds of times without losing their effectiveness.

Premium Microfiber Towels

Our MW Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towels are our premium professional towels, perfect for deep cleaning all types of surfaces. These towels are thick at over 300GSM, making them more durable, providing extra scrubbing power.

With the power of plush microfiber, you can clean surfaces with just water. Or amp up your cleaning power with your favorite cleaning solution. Like our all-purpose towels, these are machine washable hundreds of times.

Disposable Microfiber Cloths

Another tool commonly used to clean high-risk and extra dirty surfaces is disposable cloths and towels. Many opt for paper towels because of their single-use nature, but don’t realize that paper towels do a poor job at cleaning.

Especially if you’re cleaning an area that requires deep cleaning, like a toilet, you should be using a disposable option that does a great job of cleaning, while still being affordable to toss after a single use.

Lint-Free Disposable Microfiber Cloths

Our disposable microfiber cloths are one of our worst-kept secrets for cleaning and polishing. Unlike our towels, they’re constructed from a non-woven microfiber, making them lint-free.

When wet, they feel and clean like a chamois. They can lift off heavy dirt and debris with ease, and absorb water and moisture quickly.

You can also cut them to a smaller size without worrying about them unraveling. And although these are disposable, they are durable enough to be laundered several times before they need to be discarded.

Microfiber Cleaning Wipes

Our MWipes™ cleaning wipes are what you get if our lint-free cloths and our microfiber towels had a baby. These are made from 200GSM, so they’re not as plush as our towels, but they are pro-quality microfiber, so you can still deep clean surfaces, but instead of using your good towels, use these and then throw them away.

They come in a pack of 50, so you can either discard them, or launder them and reuse them.


Microfiber Mops

Microfiber mops are another essential tool for maintaining clean and sparkling floors. There are so many types of mops to choose from, from disposable spray mops, spin mops, to the old fashioned string mops.

Spray and spin mops have been popular for some years, making waves on social media for their innovative and convenient construction. But these are no more than gimmicky consumer tools that have no place in a professional cleaning kit.

Microfiber Flat Mops

The holy grail for professional floor cleaning is a high-quality microfiber flat mop. It’s what is widely used in commercial spaces because of its ability to deep clean effortlessly.

Microfiber flat mops are excellent for both dust mopping and wet mopping of all hard floor types, from hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, laminate, tile, and concrete.

Our microfiber flat mops fit our Mojave Dust Mop Pads that are designed to pick up dust and debris. The pads have two types of microfiber; a plush face yarn to pick up surface dust, and a looped fringe for getting into corners.  

Dust mops work similarly to a vacuum cleaner, the difference being, a flat mop is much lighter than a vacuum cleaner to lug around a home or up and down stairs.

Then we have our Microfiber Wet Mop Pads. Our premium pads are constructed from high-grade microfiber with a wrap around edge to clean corners and edges easily. As already mentioned, you can clean floors with our pads and just water, or team it up with your favorite floor cleaner for a truly deep floor clean.

You can tackle tiny spaces with the Microfiber Mini Mop, and cover large areas with our extra large Microfiber Flat Mops, from 24” up to 60” wide.

And with a 360° swivel head, microfiber flat mops are perfect for reaching under furniture and into corners. While the extendable handle (over six feet tall!) makes it an incredibly comfortable mopping experience that even the tallest person can appreciate.

Microfiber Dusters

Microfiber is an amazing dust magnet. As already mentioned, the tiny fibers of microfiber trap dust, making it superior to other dusters, such as feather, cotton, and disposable dusters. We’ve got three different types of microfiber dusters, all of them a terrific addition to your cleaning tool kit.

Microfiber Mini Duster

The Mini Duster is a small handheld wand with mini microfiber fingers. It’s perfect for dusting over surfaces within arm’s reach, making it a quick and easy task.

Fluffy Duster

Our new and improved Fluffy Duster is constructed to mimic a feather duster shape, but unlike feathers, is made from fine microfiber strands. These strands are soft and light and the wand is fully flexible, perfect for dusting over delicate surfaces and in between narrow spaces.

Flexible Duster Wand

Our Chenille Microfiber High Duster is our best seller for a reason. Like the Mini Duster, it has microfiber fingers that fit into corners and crevices with ease. And like the Fluffy Duster, the wand is also flexible, so you can contort the duster into any shape and get into those hard-to-reach places.

Our Fluffy Duster and Chenille Microfiber High Duster can both attach onto our Heavy-Duty Telescoping Handle (the same handle used in our mop systems) for an even higher reach

Barrier Laundry Bag

There’s one final item that you may not have thought to include in your cleaning arsenal, and that’s a barrier laundry bag. Though not as important for non-professionals, a barrier laundry bag is important as it keeps your dirty and used microfiber and cleaning tools separate.

Keeping used towels and tools separate prevents cross-contamination and keeps everything in order when it comes to laundering everything. You can also invest in several bags to keep microfiber and non-microfiber items separate, as you should only wash microfiber with other microfiber to maintain its integrity and effectiveness.

Assessing Your Cleaning Arsenal

To determine if you have all the microfiber essentials, start by evaluating your current collection. Ask yourself these questions:

      • Do I have different types of microfiber towels for various cleaning tasks?
      • Am I equipped with a microfiber mop for both dusting and wet mopping?
      • Are my dusting tools effective for reaching all areas of my home or workspace?
      • Do I have a system in place for used microfiber to help curb cross contamination?

By ensuring you have a complete set of microfiber products, you can tackle any cleaning task with confidence and achieve a pro-level clean every time.

Our best selling towels in 48 packs

Our MW Pro Multi Surface Microfiber Towels are the holy grail of cleaning tools. Professionals don't clean without them, and they're a must-have in every cleaning arsenal. Buy bulk and save big!

The 12"x12" is the perfect compact size for tackling smaller surfaces and items, like ornaments and bookshelves.

The 16"x16" allow you to clean larger areas like countertops and windows quickly without needing to replace towels frequently.

Deep Clean Hard Floors, Effortlessly.

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