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Need a lint free towel? Look no further than microfiber. Whether you need a lint free wipe for industrial applications, a soft lint free towel for auto detailing or a lint free glass cloth for window cleaning microfiber will get the job done and leave nothing behind. Forget about the fact that microfiber cleans better, absorbs more and last longer than natural fibers like cotton; it also doesn’t lint like natural fibers. The reason why our microfiber doesn’t lint is simple; microfiber is made from continuous filament fibers as opposed to cotton which is a fiber of a finite length also known as staple. The staple length of cotton is between an inch and an inch and a half; compare that to the length of individual microfibers which is infinite.

Lint is a fiber that has separated from a cloth. Since the length of cotton fiber is so short it’s common for the fibers to separate during use and during the laundering process. Microfiber, on the other hand, won’t lint unless the cloth is damaged and the fibers are broken. This means microfiber is the perfect cloth for lint free cleaning. Most microfiber may have some remnants on the cloths left over from the manufacturing process like scrap pieces of thread or cloth so we recommend that you launder microfiber towels before use if you think that might be a problem.


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