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We interviewed the Mike Kelley of Combat Cleanerz. During the interview Mike mentioned that Elayna Beatty is in charge of laundering microfiber and that she has a process that they strictly follow. Elayna was kind enough to share that with us. After reading through it, you’ll realize that there probably isn’t a better, more detailed explanation of how to wash microfiber available online. Thanks so much for sharing it with us Elayna!

Start by shaking off the excess dirt, hair and grime. This is important. The washing machine doesn’t have to work as hard and the rags wash a lot cleaner. Separate the colors. We use red for restrooms and green for general usage.

Using the Energy Star LG front load washing machine, we wash no more than 80 rags per cycle. If there are too many rags in the machine, there is not enough room for agitation and the rags do not wash as well.

We wash the rags on the Sanitize Cycle, adding a pre-wash and extra rinse cycle to the program. To ring out the rags, the speed level is set on medium. We have found if you ring the microfibers out on high, the edges curl, making the rags more difficult to smooth and fold.

As our detergents, we use Shaklee’s Fresh Laundry and Basic G, which is a germicide. (Both of these products are very concentrated. A little goes a really long way.) In 1960, Shaklee began marketing organic, biodegradable cleaning products. In their marketing messages, the company continually emphasized ‘natural’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ ideas that were not common at the time. We use Shaklee for all of those reasons but more

importantly, we use their products because we genuinely care about the health of our associates and our clients.

Half of a squirt from the Fresh Laundry’s pump is about ¼ of an ounce. For color retention and stain removal, we use Shaklee’s Nature Bright. Nature Bright comes with its own scoop. Half of a scoop amounts to 1 Tbsp.

We use ¼ of a squirt of Liquid Laundry in the pre-wash cycle with a ¼ of a squirt of Basic G. The wash compartment also receives ¼ of squirt of Liquid Laundry. We pour ½ scope of Nature Bright into the bleach compartment and add enough water to dissolve the powder and fill the compartment.

When the Sanitize Cycle is complete, we run a Rinse and Spin Cycle with cool water and vinegar. We find the PH level in the vinegar neutralizes any remaining odors and helps the rags keep their color longer. The spin speed is set on medium.

Using the Energy Star LG front load drier, we dry the rags on the cotton cycle with medium heat for 25 to 35 minutes. We add large wool balls,, in with the rags. Not only do the wool balls soften the rags, the balls also control the static and help aerate the rags so they dry faster.

We fold the rags in half; making bundles of 5. We fold, placing the tag side of the microfiber up with the sticky side facing down, smoothing the edges of each rag. We have found this works best to keep the rags wrinkle-free, organized and ready to use.

A cleaner folds the rag in half and then in half again. This organizes the microfiber so that all sides of the rag are used before discarding it for a new one.

Our specific usage patterns show that the microfibers remain sticky for 1 ½ years.

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