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15% OFF Microfiber Mops & Mops Kits

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Last week we introduced two of the kits we’ve put together to help you get using microfiber, this week we introduce two more.

First is our High Reach Microfiber Cleaning Kit. We put this kit together to help you dust your entire home or office, from floor to ceiling. With this kit an average sized person can reach up to 15 foot ceilings to gather up all those cobwebs. You can get low too without breaking your back… attach either of the included dusters to one of the included handles and flex it to get down under your couch or to dust low bookshelves without bending over. The duster kit comes with our Premium Microfiber High Duster, two extra covers for the high duster, our Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster and two different types of telescoping handles.

Next is our new Microfiber Car Care Kit. While we certainly would never recommend a mop or a duster as a gift, this would make a great one. It includes everything needed to start taking care of your car with microfiber. Now you can wash, wax, polish and even clean the inside of your car with microfiber. The kit includes a huge microfiber towel for drying, another large microfiber towel, three microfiber polishing towels, four all purpose microfiber towels which are great for cleaning everything from your rims to your interior, a microfiber washing sponge, and two microfiber wax and polish applicators. You can get all of this for about $32 bucks. That’s a bargain especially considering that I’ve seen the biggest towel in the kit sell for more than $20 by itself elsewhere.


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