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Cleaning Up the Profits - Episode 1

Cleaning Up the Profits - Episode 1

Melissa Homer & Brett Haney

This is the maiden voyage of our new interview series, Cleaning Up the Profits, where we put the spotlight on successful cleaning business owners and industry experts so they can share their real world advice and hard-earned words of wisdom with the world. These interviews will reveal their secrets to growing a successful cleaning business, attracting and retaining great cleaners, setting up their staff for success, thrilling customers, and more.

In this episode, we dish the dirt with Cleaning Up the Profit’s Host, Melissa Homer, a 20 year industry veteran and professional cleaning consultant. Melissa shares her cleaning life lessons from the trenches, revealing secrets she's learned while advising some of the biggest names in the professional cleaning industry. We’ll also learn about her work to reshape the societal narrative around professional cleaners, elevating this life-saving trade to the place of honor and respect it deserves.

If you think that you or a cleaning company you love has great insights to share that belong on our series, just email and introduce us to our next esteemed guest. We’re always looking for new guests to help us in our quest to rise the tide and lift all ships sailing the treacherous waters of the professional cleaning world.


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