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How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets, Pantries, and Drawers using Microfiber

How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets, Pantries, and Drawers using Microfiber

We all love our cabinets, drawers, and pantries, those little private treasure troves of our favorite snacks and ingredients for our next culinary adventure. However, if you don't have the correct insights on how to clean kitchen cabinets, all is lost.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic.

Unfortunately, we often overuse, under-clean, and overlook these beloved spaces in our homes. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Indeed, it's easy to turn a blind eye; after all, those opaque doors hide a multitude of sins. The moment that cabinet door swings shut, the mess inside is easily forgotten. The moment the cabinet door swings shut, we easily forget the mess inside.

Today, let's get into:

  • A step by step process for cleaning kitchen cabinets, pantry, and drawers that'll make it less daunting
  • Organisation hacks that will streamline the whole process and ensure you keep things nice and neat
  • The best products and tools that will help you save copious amounts of time while doing this task

Straight into the cleaning we go.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets and Pantries

a woman staring into her pantry

1. Clean One Shelf at a Time

This minimizes overwhelm and ensures a thorough clean. You can also choose to break up cabinets, pantry, and drawer cleaning over the course of days in shorter sections, as you are never obligated to complete more than the one shelf you are working on.

2. Temporarily Relocate Items

Transfer items to the counter to free up the workspace. If your kitchen counters are as cluttered as your cabinets, an old folding table or tv tray can create temporary shelving on demand.

3. Use Microfiber; It's Magic

Waffle weave microfiber towels rank as the scrubbiest microfiber on the market, with deep little pockets perfect for collecting sticky cabinet spills. These towels will quickly clean even dried-on messes.

4. Dust & Disinfect

People often overlook this step when cleaning kitchen cabinets, but it's extremely important. With your waffle weave towel and favorite disinfecting all-purpose cleaner, thoroughly wipe down the shelf and its sides.

5. Scrub & Scrape

Scrub up and scrape off any neglected and stuck-on leaks and drips using a microfiber scrubbing sponge and plastic razor blades.

6. Return & Refresh

Place items back on the now-cleaned shelf. As you return items back, give their bases a quick wipe. This prevents dirt transfer and keeps the space fresher for longer.

Place things in a vaguely attractive and organized manner, but don’t go crazy, as this will be redone in the next section.

7. Ditch Expired Pantry Items

While you shouldn't obsess over expiration dates at this stage, dispose of any items that are clearly past their prime. Your aim is to purchase organizers for the correct number of items so that purging becomes helpful.

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Microfiber Scrubbing Sponge

Microfiber Scrubbing Sponge

Premium microfiber on one side, non-scratch scrubby fabric on the other, sewn together to last hundreds of washes. Scrub the kitchen, bathrooms, dishes, and more.

16”x16” Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel - Pack of 6

The scrubbiest microfiber on the market. Woven in a honeycomb pattern that creates hundreds of deep wells to scoop and collect stick, goopy kitchen messes. Designed to last 300+ washes, helping you clean faster while saving money.

a windex multisurface disinfectant bottle

Windex Multisurface Disinfectant Cleaner

A disinfecting all-purpose cleaner is a must to battle dirt, germs, and streaks. Windex multi-surface is ammonia-free, making it a safe kitchen cabinet cleaner for most surfaces, including washable paint and finished wood.

Titan Plastic Razor Blade Scraper and three blades

Titan Plastic Razor Blade Scraper

Scrape stuck on food, paint, and other stubborn soils without risking cutting yourself or scratching surfaces.

a hand opening a cabinet

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Using DIY Cleaners

If you're not a fan of abrasive cleaners, such as scouring powder, bleach, or harsh detergents, it's perfectly understandable that you want to opt for more natural and readily available organic products.

As a matter of fact, abrasive cleaning solutions have the potential to damage the paint or finish of your kitchen cabinets, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

You can easily avoid this by foregoing them completely and using their organic counterparts.

Vinegar and Water Cleaner

In a spray bottle mix half a cup of vinegar and equal parts warm water and shake well. Spray the solution on your microfiber cloth and scrub your cabinets from the top down.

The warm water melts the grease and grime off the cabinets and the vinegar neutralizes it. Remember, it's crucial that you don't leave any water on your wooden cabinets as this can damage them in the future.

Instead, use a microfiber kitchen towel to absorb all the water and buff them to a shine.

Baking Soda Paste Cleaner

First of all, you'll want to mix half a cup of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of water, adjusting the amount till it has a paste-like consistency.

Using your hands, apply the paste on any stubborn stains on your kitchen cabinets and let it sit there for 3 hours.

Lastly, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the paste and grime away. Rinse and repeat.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

Grease stains from years of cooking are incredibly stubborn as they slowly seep into wood and refuse to come out. Experts claim that hydrogen peroxide is known to be effective at combating this tough stain.

Start by mixing half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with half a cup of water and shake thoroughly. Apply it to the stain, and let it sit for 10 minutes and no more. Wipe clean with a damp microfiber kitchen towel.

What If Your Cabinets Need More Than Maintenance?

Sometimes you have neglected your cabinets both inside and out for so long that a routine clean will no longer cut it.

Specifically, this is true if you are moving into a new home where the previous occupants' cleaning standards had left a lot to be desired.

If you are stuck in this sticky situation, don’t despair, because the pros use these products and equipment to breathe new life into old, neglected cabinets.

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1. How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet Grease

If your fine wood cabinets are coated in gooey grease, resist the urge to scrub them with degreaser, as this can damage the wood finish.

Instead reach for Howard Clean-A-Finish as this wood safe deep cleaner can strip years of grime from even antiques.

2. Cigarette Smoke Covered Kitchen Cabinets

Grandma was an amazing cook and a chain smoker… now what?

Cut through years of creosote with TSP Powder. This heavy-duty chemical is no joke, so you should wear gloves and goggles, follow the directions, and watch in amazement as brown smoke residue washes off surfaces.

You should follow these additional safety precautions when working with it:

  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. If contact occurs, remove the contaminated clothing and make sure to wash it before you reuse it.
  • Open all your windows to ensure there's adequate circulation of air in your kitchen.
  • Don't eat, drink, or smoke while using TSP.
  • After applying it, seal it tightly and store it in a dry, cool area. Wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

3. Scratched and Dulled Kitchen Cabinets

Even with proper knowledge on how to clean kitchen cabinets, they will eventually show their age, as scratches, dings, and scrubbing slowly mar and dull the once glowing finish.

Turn your old cabinet from drab to fab with Howard Restor-A-Finish. This incredible formula effortlessly removes scratches, water rings, and worn finishes.

Just buff it in with a disposable microfiber towel to truly rejuvenate your cabinets.

4. Invest in Adaptable Kitchen Organizers

Avoid very prescriptive organizers that only work with very specific shelves or food types.

You may move, remodel, change your eating habits, etc., and it is expensive to have to repurchase all of these tools. Opt for simple options that can always be repurposed as your needs change, such as:

  • Modular shelves
  • Generic clear plastic bins
  • Reusable labels

The following table shows versatile organizers that are excellent for keeping your pantry and cabinets neat and optimizing their storage potential.

Organizers Purpose Benefits
Modular Shelves Versatile shelving units that can be adjusted to fit various shelf sizes and hold different types of items. Easily reconfigured to accommodate changing needs and shelf dimensions.
Generic Clear Plastic Bins Transparent plastic bins used for organizing and storing a wide range of items, from food products to kitchen tools. Their see-through design allows for quick identification of contents, making organization efficient.
Reusable Labels Labels that can be affixed to containers, drawers, or shelves to indicate the contents or designated spots for items. These labels can be easily removed and replaced as needed, promoting adaptability and organization.
Drawer Dividers Segments that can be placed within drawers to create separate compartments for utensils, cutlery, and small kitchen items. Adjustable dividers that allow you to customize the layout of your drawers for different utensils and tools.
Stackable Baskets Baskets that can be stacked on top of one another, providing vertical storage for fruits, vegetables, or pantry items. Maximizes vertical space while allowing easy access to items stored in each basket.
Expandable Cutlery Tray A tray designed for organizing and separating silverware and utensils in kitchen drawers. Features expandable sides to fit various drawer sizes, promoting efficient use of space.

16”x16” MW Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel

Plush microfiber is designed to pick up more dirt and leave fewer streaks while lasting over 300+ washes, helping you clean faster.

a lady reaching into a white cabinet

Organized Cabinets Are For So Much More Than Easy Cleaning

When you learn how to clean kitchen cabinets and keep them organized, you do much more than satisfy yourself.

In fact, when you have inviting and organized food items, you inspire more home cooking and healthier food choices because grabbing the nutritious option becomes as easy as reaching for a quick snack.

Consequently, meal planning becomes nearly effortless when you can quickly see what is available and what you need to add to the grocery list, without a complicated dumpster dive to the back of the pantry.

When you clean your or your client's cabinets, you allow yourself:

      • A gift of reduced stress
      • Lessened food waste
      • Healthier living
      • Getting your money's worth out of every grocery future run

Organized spaces lead to organized minds. With each neatly stacked spice jar or categorically arranged baking ingredient, there's a subconscious boost in morale.

It's not just about aesthetics; it's about fostering a more mindful and efficient approach to our daily nourishment.

Investing time into our cabinets is, in essence, investing in our well-being, both mentally and physically, which is a gift that will never go out of style.

Don't forget to join us next Tuesday as we switch from how to clean kitchen cabinets to bathrooms.

First up for the throne room is our deep dive lesson, “Bathroom Bliss: Banish Germs & Grime with Microfiber”. In anticipation, set your reminders as your new bathroom sanctuary awaits.

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