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Best Way to Dry a Car Exterior: No Spots, Streaks, or Scratches

Best Way to Dry a Car Exterior: No Spots, Streaks, or Scratches

With sunny days ahead, there’s no better time to give your car the quality shine it deserves.

With that being said, we all know sunny weather makes car drying a bit more challenging. That’s because if the sun dries the water, soap, or detailing product before you do, streaks form.

So the best way to dry a car before the sun does is to use microfiber towels. Today, we're going to look into:

  • The secret criteria for cleaning your car under the sun to ensure soap, dirt, and debris don't dry on your paint
  • The industry's best microfiber cloths that will wash, dry, and buff your car to a streak free finish
  • The reason why you shouldn't leave even a thin layer of water on your paint

Ready? Let's do this.

What to Use to Dry a Car

Microfiber towels are the best choice to use for drying your car, especially ones designed for auto detailing. 

Not only are microfiber towels extremely absorbent, but they are comprised of durable fibers that suck away surface debris instead of smearing it on the surface. Plus, they are so small they won’t scratch your paint.

No one wants streaks and scratches on their paint, making microfiber towels ideal for thoroughly drying your vehicle.

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Here is the simplest way you can effectively dry a car by hand with microfiber in just three steps:

Make Sure to Wash Properly

If you want an ultra-clean finish after drying your car, make sure you’re washing your vehicle properly from the beginning.

Proper washing means you are lifting the surface dirt and debris from your car’s surface. If you don’t, the lingering surface dirt and debris will more easily smear on your car’s surface when you are drying. Opt to wash your car in a shaded location, as sunlight can dry soap spots onto the surface.

If you do wash your car in the sun, try cleaning small sections at a time so there’s no time for spots to form. Microfiber car care products work great because they not only absorb liquid, but they help remove any dirt and debris as well.

We recommend using something like our Microfiber Car Wash Mitt or Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels. Then, simply follow these steps:

  1. There are plenty of high-rated car wash soaps you can use in conjunction with your microfiber towel. Combine your preferred car wash soap with warm water in a bucket.

  2. Once the water is foamy, you can soak your microfiber towel while you rinse your car with water.
    When you’re ready to scrub your car, your microfiber towel should be soapy.
  3. Always wash your wheels first. 
  4. Then wipe your car from the top down to pick up grime and dust into the fibers of your microfiber towel.

You can use a larger microfiber drying towel to cover more surface area and cut down your cleaning time. A smaller microfiber drying towel is also handy to clean tighter areas, such as around your mirrors or wheels.

Be sure to rinse your towel every so often to remove dirt. If you are in need of some great car wash soaps, check out these 9 best recommendations by Pressure Washerify.

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Wipe With a Damp Microfiber Towel

After rinsing your car of soap and suds, it’s time to clean the surface with your microfiber towels.

Soak a fresh microfiber towel in clean water and wring it out dampening the towel. A damp microfiber towel will both remove dirt and wick away water simultaneously.

Plus, it reduces friction between the towel and your car for a safer way to dry without scratching. Wipe down your car from top to bottom.

Wring out your microfiber towel whenever it’s full of water before continuing, and make sure to rinse the towel if you notice it’s dirty. You don’t want any dirty or soapy water on your drying cloth as it will leave behind residue and streaks.

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Continue Drying

You might notice a thin layer of water remaining on your paint after you’re done wiping.

Even if it’s a small amount of water, don’t leave this to air dry; when evaporated, the minerals from the water can leave behind marks and damage your paint.

Instead, go ahead and wipe again with a dry microfiber towel until all of the water is absorbed. Another drying method we love is to lay your drying towel over an area, and pat it down letting the microfiber do the work.

The microfiber will suck up any trace of minerals and leave behind a sparkling, streak-free finish.

For this job, we recommend using a towel specifically for drying. Our Buff™ Detail Microfiber Drying Towel comes in two sizes, are machine washable, and won’t scratch or damage your car.

They are Korean-made and designed with our unique hydrophilic looped microfiber, which quickly sucks up water & moves it to the interior of the towel. With a soft and plush 500 GSM, these are the best way to dry a car after washing it.

Combined with the best car wash detergents on the market, our microfiber towels will give your car a sleek, like-new shine.

You may also like our waffle weave drying towels or our microfiber window cleaning cloths to use on your windshield. These both work great for a streak free finish on glass.

For the most polished finish after washing your car, dry your car with a microfiber towel. Microfiber drying towels are not only absorbent, but they won’t leave swirl marks or damage to your paint.

When you order microfiber towels from Microfiber Wholesale, you can get a set of towels for a great price. These microfiber towels are made from sturdy fibers that will do a heavy-duty cleaning job and last a long time.

16"x16" Buff™ Detail 400GSM

Complete any auto detailing job. Works great on your vehicle's painted surface, as well as for cleaning and dusting the interior.

16"x16" MW Pro Microfiber Towels

MW Pro Microfiber Towels are designed to stand up to the rigors of commercial use, perfect for cleaning pros and home consumers that only want the best.

Microfiber Towels for Cars

There are a variety of microfiber towels you can use to make your car look great.

Whether you are washing, cleaning, waxing, buffing, or polishing, we have a microfiber towel for you in our Buff™ Detail product line. Here’s why you need Buff™ Detail Microfiber Towels:

  • These towels are made high quality, not just like any regular microfiber towel you can find at your local retail store.
  • They are super absorbent, made with an ideal 80/20 microfiber blend for fast and easy drying.
  • With no tags and soft satin piped edges, these towels will not scratch your paint.
  • Designed to give your car a quality streak free shine, each microfiber is split making it better at picking up and removing debris from your paint, such as wax, polishes, etc.
  • They keep their effectiveness through hundreds of launderings.

See all our options for Buff™ Detail Microfiber Towels below.

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