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Bag Of Rags Now On Amazon

Bag Of Rags Now On Amazon

Get our Mwipes™ Bag of Microfiber Rags now on Amazon! This 4lb. bag comes with an assortment of microfiber rags for cleaning, scrubbing, and drying. These are a much better cleaning alternative to using T-shirt rags or gross old towels to clean with. It contains a mixture of towel types, with different microfiber weaves and sizes to help you accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Because these rags are factory seconds (see note below), each bag contains different assortment of rags, there is no guarantee you will get x amount of each. 

  • Note: These rags are factory seconds, which mean they didn't meet our factory's incredibly high quality control standards typically because of color or stitching issues. All rags are suitable for wiping, absorbing, polishing or scrubbing.

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Deep Clean Hard Floors, Effortlessly.

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