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Matching our Microfiber Mops with Microfiber Mop Tools can be confusing. I recently fielded a call from a customer that didn’t realize something that I’ve always taken for granted. When using a microfiber mop you want the mop to overlap the frame, in other words the mop should be larger than the frame. This will prevent the frame from scratching the floor, walls or baseboards. It also prevents shrinkage from becoming an issue. With that in mind it’s important to point out that the sizes listed for our microfiber mops and our microfiber frames (as well as everything else we sell) are their actual sizes.

This means that an 18” Microfiber Wet Mop is 18” long and an 18” Microfiber Mop Frame is 18” long… so you wouldn’t want to use them together. For the 18” mop you would want to use a 16” mop frame. For a 38” microfiber mop you would want to use a 36” frame and so on.

We made a decision a long time ago that we were going to be as accurate as possible with our product names and descriptions, we weren’t going to call something an 18” frame if it was only 16” long. We know this can create confusion and when we see an order come through with mismatched mops and frames we contact the customer to straighten it out. We’ve also created a feature on each product page that should help clear up any confusion; if you look towards the bottom of each product page you’ll see a tab that says “recommended” and displays the correct size item to go with the item you’re looking at. See the snippet below for which tool to use with a 20″ Microfiber Dust Mop for example:


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