What our customers say...

Selected comments from interviews and reviews:
"Best customer service - no other competitor can match Microfiber Wholesale!"
Nicole W. - MaidPro
Microfiber wholesale has the best customer service-- and that is almost unheard of these days. I deal with dozens of vendors all across the country, Microfiber wholesale is very easy to work with and I know I can rely on them to ship my supplies on a moments notice. I would highly recommend Microfiber wholesale to any company, small or large.
"Amazing customer service. PERIOD."
Christopher J.
I am in the U.S. Army and I really love my microfiber towels that I previously owned for every day use. I was in a pinch before a training exercise coming up and needed a specific color towel that I didn't have. I contacted the guys at Microfiber Wholesale and they gave me an amazing deal, thanked me for my service, and got them to me before I left. Amazing people and great service. Thanks again!
Better Life Maids
Definitely with the cheaper microfibers, you don’t get the value in durability. They just tend to not hold up as long. Usually we're seeing sometimes as few as 200 washes when we use other sources. So we've been really happy with Microfiber Wholesale—we feel like 500 washes is a pretty realistic.
"A company your business can rely on"
John L.
When opening a new business you take a leap of faith trying new online vendors. Some are great, some not so much. Microfiber whole sale has been top notch when it comes to product, order processing and shipping. I feel my business is in good hands and have a high level of trust dealing with this company.
"Great Products, Great Service"
David – Calgary
I own a fairly large residential cleaning company (30 employees), and Microfiber Wholesale has been a super consistent supplier for us for about three years now. I've gotten everything I ordered, exactly as promised. The product is consistently good, the service has been excellent, and the prices really competitive. The only concern I've had has been the shipping costs (we're in Canada), and they've worked with us on that as well. No hesitations recommending them.
Jan Pro
Your prices are excellent. But one of the things that keeps us coming back is the stability of the equipment. We've tried—especially on the mops, we've tried a number of other companies’ mops and they just don’t last. We've had some of our franchisees come back after using one of the other mops one time, and it broke… But your equipment just seems to last a whole lot longer than some of your competitor’s equipment..
The cleaning cloths I've bought have been effective and durable. Microfiber Wholesale makes it very easy to find and order the cleaning materials you need. You can usually order any amounts- from a few up to the hundreds. The company is very customer-oriented.
Wonderful prices, super fast delivery, the best mop I have ever used! Will continue with this company forever for cleaning supplies.
Doreen Smith
I have been obsessed with finding the perfect microfiber dish cloths and dish towels for my kitchen. Microfiber Wholesale is the place to go! I have never before found a website where you could order the exact number and the exact color you want and at a very reasonable price. The 16x16's are great if you have larger hands like mine, but my friend who has smaller hands prefers the 12x12's after I ordered her some to try. She loves them too. The waffle towels are wonderful--I especially love the light gray ones. Everything washes up extremely well. Free shipping to boot. I will be trying some of your other products in the future.
Karen Andersen
The service was great and fast. The microfiber cloths were really good quality. I would really recommend buying them here.
Mary - West Virginia
Awesome website and awesome customer service that sells really great products. I asked for a sample and they sent them to me. Love these microfiber towels for my cleaning business. Thank you
Crystal , Sisters Maid to Clean
My microfiber cloths are FANTASTIC. I have never had a cloth before that wipes a surface both clean and dry - all others leave the surface wet, however much you try to wring them out. I will be buying these as gifts for everyone!!!
Joanna Robertson
In an effort to provide the highest possible cleaning service to our community, we've been using a number of different products from Microfiber Wholesale for some time now. Every product they offer is high quality, and have met the standards of even our toughest jobs and clients. As we expand our business, we'll continue to use Microfiber Wholesale products to remain competitive in this ever changing service industry.
Gene, Elegant Empire LLC
Great product, mop pads are the best quality! I am very happy with my purchase! Thank you!
Susan Weigel
My purchase arrived on time and great product. I highly recommend
Lucy Collins
Product arrived quickly and as described, so we're are happy.
Greg Killpack
I'm so thankful that I can trust a site to do as they say. The products are great and with high quality! The prices are wonderful. Highly recommend!!
Sarah Marks
I contacted the company because 2 days after UPS said they had delivered my package I had not received it. They were quick to respond to my emails and offered to send me a replacement order. Thankfully they didn’t have to because the same day I contacted them someone left my package on my front porch.
First time using this company which i did some research on line first, just had new laminate flooring installed, i ordered the microfiber mob heads for sweeping and cleaning also ordered dusting head and cloths products arrived in good shape and in a timely manner have had no issues with them, i would recommend them to my friends if they ask.
excellent service
Rafael Granados
Large selection of quality product at a reasonable price, backed up by excellent service.
Don Patterson