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"Best customer service - no other competitor can match Microfiber Wholesale!"
Nicole W. - MaidPro
Microfiber wholesale has the best customer service-- and that is almost unheard of these days. I deal with dozens of vendors all across the country, Microfiber wholesale is very easy to work with and I know I can rely on them to ship my supplies on a moments notice. I would highly recommend Microfiber wholesale to any company, small or large.
"Amazing customer service. PERIOD."
Christopher J.
I am in the U.S. Army and I really love my microfiber towels that I previously owned for every day use. I was in a pinch before a training exercise coming up and needed a specific color towel that I didn't have. I contacted the guys at Microfiber Wholesale and they gave me an amazing deal, thanked me for my service, and got them to me before I left. Amazing people and great service. Thanks again!
Better Life Maids
Definitely with the cheaper microfibers, you don’t get the value in durability. They just tend to not hold up as long. Usually we're seeing sometimes as few as 200 washes when we use other sources. So we've been really happy with Microfiber Wholesale—we feel like 500 washes is a pretty realistic.
"A company your business can rely on"
John L.
When opening a new business you take a leap of faith trying new online vendors. Some are great, some not so much. Microfiber whole sale has been top notch when it comes to product, order processing and shipping. I feel my business is in good hands and have a high level of trust dealing with this company.
"Great Products, Great Service"
David – Calgary
I own a fairly large residential cleaning company (30 employees), and Microfiber Wholesale has been a super consistent supplier for us for about three years now. I've gotten everything I ordered, exactly as promised. The product is consistently good, the service has been excellent, and the prices really competitive. The only concern I've had has been the shipping costs (we're in Canada), and they've worked with us on that as well. No hesitations recommending them.
Jan Pro
Your prices are excellent. But one of the things that keeps us coming back is the stability of the equipment. We've tried—especially on the mops, we've tried a number of other companies’ mops and they just don’t last. We've had some of our franchisees come back after using one of the other mops one time, and it broke… But your equipment just seems to last a whole lot longer than some of your competitor’s equipment..
Good quality microfiber cloths at a great price.
I bought the Microfiber Wet Mop starter kit. I have a cleaning service for my home and she just loves the products. I put in vinyl planking about a year ago and have been looking for products that would be work and finally found this! My floors look cleaner than ever and we both noticed how they seem to sparkle! We both love that the mop handle is adjustable to fit our different heights. I watched the vido and that was helpful to know how best to use. Great products and great pricing! Thanks
Nancy Wendt
The towels are very nice. Absorbant, well made. Thank you. We do have plans to purchase more.
Deb Mitchell, Mitchs Auto Detailing
Great products at a great price.
Karen Spencer
I have been searching for a way to continue the needed move towards a 'Greener World' during this pandemic and microfiber has been my choice to accomplish that goal. I'm very please with the results.
Yvonne C
Very pleased witht he quality and the purchae experience in dealing with your company.
John E Radley
the towels work great. A good product for a great price. Will be looking to purchase more items in the near future.
pat haley
This mop does everything as promoted. Very easy to use.
High Quality product at a reasonable price, well packaged and shipped quickly. I plan to do more business, and recommend other businesses to go along with you as well!
Paul Willett, True Fret Guitar, LLC
Magical, incredibly useful and superior to other similar products.
Larry Marshall, Marshall Systems
Great! I had put off dusting as my old microfiber cloths just didn’t cut it at all. I had to dampen them to get them to pick up even some of the dust. Cleaning the dust on top of the toilet tank and elsewhere in the bath was great. Wiping windows dry while washing was streak No smearing it around. Drying windows after washing was a cinch & streak free. These hold a lot of dust before needing washed.
Good product at a good price.
O Bergene
The best microfiber cloths that I have purchased and used. They gave me price, value and performance.
Customer service and product were outstanding!
Alan Peterson, Safety Protection Equipment
As aprofessional. High Rating Cleaning Service .Cant do
without high quality Microfiber towels like your towels.pls keep going highly Recommended
Mostafa Ibrahim, Hard Water Masters
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