Microfiber Glove - 20 Pack

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Microfiber Glove - 20 Pack
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1-17 Pack
18 - 89 Pack
$39.98 Pack
90+ Pack
$34.98 Pack
Item Number: MGLV-20
  • 100% Microfiber - This glove is 100% microfiber - no top or bottom side so it works well for righties or lefties!
  • Fits Most Hands - The glove has some stretch so it fits most average sized hands
  • Comfortable Knit Design - Allows your hands to breathe while using
  • Prevent Fingerprints and Smudges - Protect your delicate or shiny surfaced products from smudges or skin oils during assembly, production or packaging
  • Great for Auto Detailing - Perfect to use in those areas of wheels, vents or other tight spots where only a finger will fit
  • Place Your Order Now - You’ll Thank yourself Later! - Our microfiber products will save you time and money! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Product Details

Construction: Microfiber Wholesale’s Microfiber Glove is a handy cleaning tool. The split microfiber material is a knit blend of polyester and polyamide. The glove is 100% microfiber and fits snuggly on most averages size hands. There is some give in the microfiber material. The knit design allows your skin to breathe when wearing it. There is no top or bottom to the five finger microfiber glove so it can be used on either hand. The gloves are machine washable and can be laundered hundreds of times when cared for properly.
Uses: Our Microfiber Glove can be used for just about anything, the only rule when using it is to keep it away from hot surfaces. They work great for assembling and packaging any product that you don’t want to get finger smudges or oils on. They’re great for use in auto detailing to clean wheels or other areas where only a finger could fit into. They’re good for dusting although the capacity isn’t the same as one of our more traditional dusters.


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