Hardwood Dust Mop Handle

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Hardwood Dust Mop Handle
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1-2 pieces
$24.98 each
3 - 11 pieces
$19.98 each
12+ pieces
$11.76 each
Item Number: dmhh
Our Hardwood Dust Mop Handle is an American made professional quality mop handle that’s built to last.

Product Details

Our Hardwood Dust Mop Handles feature lacquered hardwood that’s 15/16” in diameter by 60” long. This is a professional quality dust mop handle that’s made much better than the imported versions you might find in a big box home improvement store. The hardware is made with heavy 12 gauge steel rather than lightweight metal. The handle is hardwood instead of the lightweight pine used to make cheaper handles. This dust mop handle is made in the USA.


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