Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle

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Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle
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1-2 pieces
$24.98 each
3 - 11 pieces
$19.98 each
12+ pieces
$14.90 each
Item Number: DMHF
Our Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle features a fiberglass handle that meets health department guidelines which makes it ideal for food service.

Product Details

Our Fiberglass Clip On Dust Mop Handle is made in America and features a fiberglass handle which meets health department guidelines so it's safe for use in food service applications. It's made with 12 gauge steel hardware and double torsion springs which keep the handle securely fastened to the frame. The hardware is powder coated which is much more environmentally friendly than the chrome or zinc plating that most other handles are finished with.


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