Compact Mop Bucket Combo

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Compact Mop Bucket Combo
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Our Compact Mop Bucket and Wringer great tool for wringing out small and medium wet mops. The mop and bucket combo features a downpress wringer. The bucket and wringer is made from a tough polymer that’s durable and won’t rust. The capacity of the bucket is 12 quarts. The combo comes with 4 casters which are removable.

The Compact Mop and Bucket and Wringer is really designed to be used with smaller mops that can’t be wrung out properly by a full size wringer. It works great with our small tube mops and our medium tube mops as well as our small conventional mops. What’s really unique about this combo is the downpress wringer, if you’ve ever compared downpress wringer with a sidepress wringer you know how much better they wring out a mop. Since the casters are removable the bucket fits easily on a maid’s cart.

Size: 16 x 12 x 29 inches (40 x 30 x 74 centimeters)


Ergonomic Mop Bucket and Wringer
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