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Item Number: BHMSC46-6
  • 2-in-1 Microfiber Dish Cloth: scrubbing side removed stuck-on debris from dishes, pots, pans, countertops, cook tops and more. Microfiber side wipes surfaces clean!
  • Machine washable, so no more stinky dish cloths that need to be thrown out after a few days. Always have fresh, clean dish cloths ready to use!
  • 4" x 6" Size slightly larger than a kitchen sponge. Great For Removing Stuck on Food & Grease From Dishes, Counters, Silverware, Tile, & Stovetops.
  • Scratch Free Kitchen Scrubbing Cloth - Non Abrasive. Safe to use on all kitchen surfaces.
  • Stop dealing with stinky dish cloths and sponges that don't even clean very well, start making doing dishes quick and easy, order yours today!

Product Details

Our Buff™ Home Microfiber Scrubber Cloths are the perfect kitchen cleaning tool. These kitchen microfiber cloths work great for cleaning up spills, removing sticky messes, and stuck on food from utensils, appliances, counters, tables, dishes, and stovetops, making them much more than just you average kitchen dishrags. Microfiber products are even more amazing than you think! The tiny micro fibers are even small enough to pick up and remove bacteria from your kitchen surfaces, making these the closest thing there could possibly be to an antibacterial dish cloth. Our cloths are much more durable and oderless than other kitchen dish cloths. Most other brands use a mesh netted side for scrubbing, our cloths have a microfiber scour side. This means that they won't fray, fall apart in the wash, and food won't get stuck in them. They are machine launderable. Use the gray side of the Microfiber Scrubber dish cloths for wiping surfaces for a streak free clean! It is more absorbent and better for drying, after you have already picked up or loosened stuck on food and debris! Order your Microfiber Dish Cloths with scrubber today!

Size : 4" x 6" (10cm x 15cm) 
6 Per Pack 


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