Bottle Rocket Mop System Replacement Parts

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Bottle Rocket Mop System Replacement Parts
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Price: $6.74
Item Number: BMMSR
Replacement Parts for your Bucketless Mop System are available!

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We stock replacement parts for our Bottle Rocket Microfiber Mop System. These are very well constructed American made mops that rarely break, but if they do rest assured that you can get replacement parts without having to order the complete system. 


18" Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Frame
As low as $10.98 each
18" Angle Microfiber Mop Frame
As low as $7.98 each
Heavy Duty Telescoping Mop Handle
As low as $5.98 each

Product Reviews

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mildmanners bought "Bottle Rocket Mop System Replacement Parts" on our website
02/19/2018 - 03:00:57 PM
The Bottle Rocket mop is much faster and less strain than using a string mop or a sponge mop. I learned over years of use that regular detergents such as Simple Green leave a sticky residue. Now I use the proprietary detergent sold by Stanley Steamer carpet cleaners with much better results. Also I learned to avoid simply redistributing dirt, I need to FREQUENTLY change my my pads for much better results. For the kitchen, for instance, I'll use TWO pads.
About replacement parts, I learned that this mop is not rebuildable. If anything other than the removable tank or the nozzle fails, you can expect to replace the entire mop. Of course you could still use the mop with your collection of pads and a spray bottle of detergent--but this would defeat the speed advantage of a properly functioning bottle mop.