48" Yuma Microfiber Dust Mop

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48" Yuma Microfiber Dust Mop
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1-24 pieces
$25.98 each
25 - 199 pieces
$22.98 each
200 - 999 pieces
$19.48 each
1,000+ pieces
$17.48 each
Item Number: MDMY48
  • Replace Your Traditional Dust Mop Without Changing your Hardware - Our Yuma Dust Mop’s design works on traditional rigid dust mop frames so you can harness the power of microfiber without the expense of replacing your hardware!
  • Fringe Yarn for Grabbing Debris - Our Yuma Dust Mops are designed with looped microfiber fringed yarn combined with rows of looped microfiber to attract and hold larger debris for quick and effective cleaning
  • Quick and Easy Yet Effective Cleaning! - Our looped yarn mops are great for maintaining clean floors in high traffic areas between deeper cleanings with a wet mop saving you time in the end!
  • Make Quick Work of Large Areas - The larger surface area of this mop lends itself to cleaning large areas such as grocery stores, warehouses, schools and gymnasiums
  • Make Your Life Easier and Order Yours Today! - Our Microfiber products are so efficient and easy to use, you’ll almost feel lazy! You’ll be finished with the job in a fraction of the time!

Product Details

Construction: Microfiber Wholesale's 48” Yuma Dust Mop is constructed from looped microfiber fringe yarn and six rows looped microfiber yarn sewn to a polyester backing. The backing is a traditional slot pocket type which mates with a standard rigid dust mop frame and standard dust mop handle. This allows you to replace your conventional dust mops without having to upgrade your hardware. This replaces our 48” Microfiber Looped Yarn Slot Pocket Dust Mop. The yarn is this version is a big improvement over the dust mop it replaces, the backing is also superior.
Uses: This microfiber dust mop is best used to mop hard surface floors moderate to heavy soil. The 48” version is great for big dust mopping jobs with lots of open space such as basketball courts, gymnasiums, or any other large open spaces with few obstructions. 
Method: Use this 48” Yuma Dust Mop like you would a traditional dust mop. Slip a rigid 48” dust mop frame into the mop and attach a handle to the frame. Then, while walking forward, work the mop in a systematic way from side to side while twisting the handle to turn the mop to maintain a leading edge. The idea is to keep the same edge of the mop in front, this will prevent dust and dirt from being left behind.
More: Microfiber dust mops are superior in cleaning ability to traditional untreated cotton dust mops for many reasons including the ability of microfiber to attract negatively charged dust particles with its positively charged fibers as well as its greater durability. These microfiber dust mops are machine washable but should only be washed with other microfiber items to prevent the mop from picking up lint.
Sizes: 5” x 48”  (13.5cm x 122cm)
Color: Light Blue/Dark Blue
Blend: 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide Microfiber – 100% Microfiber
Denier: .1-.2
Backing:         Slot Pocket - Polyester


48" Dust Mop Frame
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