24"x36" Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towel - 2 Pack

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Make no mistake... Buff™ Detail Microfiber is different. Made with our Intra Weave technology (see below for details), we set out to make a the best microfiber car drying towel without making it more expensive. You make a better microfiber cloth by making it MORE.

  • More Durable - We tested several different materials and found this to be the most durable. We added satin piped edges to prevent unraveling and rounded corners to prevent curling. 
  • More Microfiber with Intra Weave - Most microfiber is woven into 100% polyester ground fabric. We wanted more. We had our factory make these towels with microfiber actually blended into the ground. This means more microfiber in each towel making it more absorbent. (See image for more details)
  • More Weight - Officially these are 400 grams per square meter, making it the best microfiber towel for drying cars.  It's the perfect weight for absorbing large amounts of water, waxes, and polishes on your vehicle's surface.

More than Just A Microfiber Car Drying Towel

Best used for large auto detailing jobs. Super absorbent and works great for removing water, polishes, and waxes from your vehicle's painted surface.

More Microfiber Makes Detailing Effortless

Our Microfiber is blended into the ground of the towel, meaning more microfiber for better auto detailing and a show quality shine every time.

No Scratches, No Streaks!

These microfiber cloths come tagless and have soft satin piped edges to prevent scratching. The plush terry 400 GSM is great for drying, removing waxes, and polishing streak free!

What's It For?

Great for larger size automobiles, even boats! Features a dual microfiber weave, the plush side is better for drying and polishing, while the short side works better for buffing and waxing.
400 GSM Wholesale Microfiber Towels For Cars 400 GSM Wholesale Microfiber Towels For Cars

Product Details

Construction: Our 24"x36" Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels are made for drying.  They feature one side of plush terry microfiber to suck up liquid, which stores it in the second side of the medium terry microfiber. The benefits of this is that unlike waffle weave towels, these can be used for more than just drying. Economically priced for a towel of this size, it's made from 400 GSM split microfiber that's an 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide blend.  The open spaces in the fibers created by the splitting process are what give the towels its ability to hold dust, dirt, excess wax and sealers. With its extremely high density and plush microfiber feel it also gives the cloth its ability to absorb and hold liquid. Each towel has rounded corners to prevent curling. They're finished with satin piped edges to eliminate fraying and prevent the edges from scratching delicate painted surfaces. When cared for properly our 24"x36" Buff™ Detail 400 is a car microfiber drying towel that you can launder and last hundreds of washings.

Uses: Our 24"x36" Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels are the perfect drying towel and great for waxing cars too. Many towels aren’t nearly absorbent enough to quickly and effectively take liquid in, rather they just push the liquid around to another area on your car’s surface, resulting in streaks, water spots, and added frustration. Due to its sheer size, density, and the absorbent microfiber nature, our 24"x36" Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels can quickly take liquids in, as well as effectively store them. Complete multiple drying jobs in less time, our drying towel has an extremely porous nature, drying out quickly, so it’s readily available for your next drying job. Also use it on your car’s interior to clean up any type of spill. They also do a fantastic job of picking up excess dirt and contaminants and storing them in the plush fibers. It’s soft enough to be used for other auto detailing tasks such as, waxing, buffing, and polishing. The positively charged split fibers attract negatively charged dust and dirt like a magnet, because of this you can use the microfiber towels as a green alternative to using a cleaning cloth treated with chemicals or a (chemical) spray and wipe method.

Method: Depending on what you’re using it for, you may want to fold our 24"x36" Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towel twice. This gives you eight cleaning surfaces with each towel. You may do this when buffing or polishing. When drying it works best to make one pass with the microfiber towel like you would with a chamois, this is usually the easiest and most efficient way to leave painted surface and windows streak free. Microfiber does a great job of releasing liquid. When the towel becomes saturated you can wring it out and with its fast drying capabilities it will be ready to start drying right away. It's the best microfiber car drying towel you can buy in bulk!


Size: 24”x36” (60cm x 90cm)

Colors: Black, Blue, Gray

Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

Denier: .1-.2

Weight: 400 Grams per Square Meter

Edges: Satin Piped Borders

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