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Item Number: MSM20
  • Aggressive without being Abrasive - The scrubbing strips on the mop are designed to provide aggressive cleaning in high traffic areas without damaging your floors - perfect for scuff marks!
  • No More Messy, Sloppy Mopping! - The foam core keeps your mop damp, not dripping and makes the gliding smooth.
  • Easy to Maneuver - You won’t believe how easy this mop pad is to use - you’ll easily be able to sneak into corners and under tables or other furniture
  • Recommended for Janitors and Contract Cleaning - This is the perfect mop for cleaning professionals and is highly recommended for schools and businesses with heavy foot traffic.  Designed for high performance and shortened cleaning time.
  • Use With 18 Inch Mop Frames
  • Start Working Smarter, Not Harder! - You’ll save time and money with our microfiber products! Buy yours today and you’ll be thanking yourself later!

Product Details

Construction: Microfiber Wholesale's 20” Microfiber Scrubber Mop Pad is an aggressive lint free mop pad constructed from looped polyester / polyamide blend split microfiber yarn with polyester scrubbing strips. The microfiber / polyester face yarn is sewn to a Velcro ® style loop backing with overlock stitching on the edges. This mop features very dense microfiber face yarn weighing in at a heavy 990 grams per square meter. Between the microfiber face yarn and the Velcro ® style backing is a thick 7mm foam core. The purpose of the foam core is to help the microfiber mop pad keep its shape throughout the life of the pad and to absorb liquids (water, disinfectant, cleaner) which will help emulsify dust, dirt and grease for effective cleaning.
Uses: 20” Microfiber Scrubber Mop Pads are great for cleaning any hard surface floors especially high traffic areas. The scrubbing strips on the mop are designed to be aggressive without being abrasive and are ideal for removing scuff marks from floors. The size of these mop pads make them an effective product to use for mopping floors in schools, hospitals and areas that tend to need a little extra attention. They work great for cleaning contract companies and janitors who need to get through their cleaning jobs quickly and hassle free. Because of the durability of the dense loop microfiber construction they’re great for mopping concrete floors and other rough surface floors.
Method: Our 20” Microfiber Scrubber Mop Pads work great with just warm water but, for certain applications you may want to use the mop pad with chemical cleaners or disinfectants. Depending on the size of the job and the amount of mop pads you intend to use, you can simply wet the mop pad in the sink or you may need to use a mop bucket. You want the wet mop pad damp, not a dripping, so wring it out. Place the microfiber mop pad on the floor, microfiber side down, then place any of our Velcro® style hook and loop microfiber mop handles on top of the pad. For wet mopping work backwards through the room while moving the mop side to side, twist the handle to turn the mop, almost in a figure eight motion, so the same edge of the mop is always in front. This will prevent dust and dirt from being left behind. When you come across an area that needs extra attention and more force is needed to remove scuffs from the floor you can apply more pressure to the mop by pressing down on the mop frame with your foot and working it back and forth until the mark is gone.
Click here for instructions on how to wash microfiber mops. We also sell a detergent for microfiber.
Sizes: 5.5” x 20” (14.5cm x 51cm)
Color: White / Black
Blend: White yarn is 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide Microfiber Black scrubbing strips are 100% Polyester
Denier: .1-.2
Weight: 990 Grams per Square Meter
Backing: Velcro style loop 


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Product Reviews

Reviewed by
SP bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
01/16/2016 - 03:11:46 PM
Best scrubber on market use them daily
Reviewed by
Lanette Kennedy bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
03/05/2016 - 01:44:47 PM
Reviewed by
Peter Durham bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
06/20/2016 - 01:39:41 PM
Nice complement to premium microfiber mop system's included pads.
Reviewed by
judy marcotte bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
07/10/2016 - 03:28:10 PM
Love this mop pad! I clean a couple of homes with older linoleum flooring, and this does a fantastic job of scrubbing into cracks and crevices. Great item!
Reviewed by
Betty bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
11/05/2016 - 10:05:25 AM
I have not tried the scubber as of yet but if it's as good as it's counter parts the mop system I expect great things from it.
Reviewed by
Ivy pitcher bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
12/10/2016 - 08:31:49 AM
I have bought a couple different sizes of these mop heads, they are really nice, work excellent, wash up very easy.would recommend them.
Reviewed by
Kris bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
03/20/2017 - 03:21:20 PM
Would recommend this handy little addition for rooms with a little more grime...like the kitchen or bathroom if you have hairspray residue.
Reviewed by
Janet Palmer bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
09/26/2017 - 07:26:33 PM
One of the businesses I clean for had purchased these pads and after trying them I was hooked.
Reviewed by
Sandra CHANIS bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
05/26/2019 - 10:14:03 AM
The price, quality and expedient delivery has made me a loyal customer!
Reviewed by
Susan J Williams bought "20" Microfiber Scrubber Mop" on our website
08/31/2012 - 12:00:00 AM
A must Have
I read the reviews before ordering that is why I suggest more than one you get the job done faster is you do not have to clean before your done scubbing floors. Then just throw soiled ones in washer and same time. You may want more depending on how much you need to do.