18" Cotton Dust Mop

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18" Cotton Dust Mop
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1-2 pieces
3 - 11 pieces
$8.18 each
12+ pieces
$6.98 each
Item Number: CDM18

Our 18” Cotton Dust Mop is a machine washable dust mop and a great way to quickly clean up your hardwood floors at home.

Product Details

Mops Plus’ 18” Cotton Dust Mops are an effective way to maintain and clean hardwood floors and other hard surface floors. Our Cotton Dust Mops are constructed from tightly twisted continuous looped cotton yarn sewn to a durable polyester backing. The backing is a combo style which means it will work with traditional clip-on style dust mop frames or break-away style dust mop frames.

Our dust mops are truly a green way to clean since they are totally reusable and made to be laundered dozens of times. These are the same dust mops that are rented out by industrial laundries. Reusing dust mops is much more environmentally friendly than buying cheap disposable dust mops (which don’t work very well) and throwing them out after a few uses.

The 18” cotton dust mop is great for green cleaning small areas with lots of obstacles on the floor like classrooms. They’re also a great way to quickly clean up your hardwood floors at home.

Dust Mop Frame not included.

We stock blue dust mops, if you need another color please call us. Lead times for other colors are only an extra 3-4 days. The minimum for other colors is 12 mops of each size.


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