Washing Microfiber

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There are two very important things to remember about caring for microfiber:

  • Keep them away from heat, this means don’t dry them in your dryer under high heat.
  • Don’t use fabric softeners or detergents with fabric softeners. We happen to sell a detergent that doesn’t have fabric softener in it, how convenient!

Microfiber towels, mops and dusters can last hundreds of washings when cared for properly. It may be washed in your home washing machine or by hand, but to ensure the long life of your microfiber please follow these guidelines:

Machine Washing Microfiber:

Microfiber Washing InstructionsWash in warm or hot water with mild detergent. Do not use
fabric softener
, it will clog the open spaces in the microfiber that do the cleaning rendering the towel or mop useless. Microfiber tends to grab a hold of lint in the wash just like it grabs dirt and dust when you’re
using it to clean. With this in mind be careful of what you wash microfiber with. Avoid washing it with anything made of cotton especially terry cloth towels, socks etc. Ideally you should wash microfiber only with other microfiber, but if you need to mix loads wash it with other non-linting synthetic materials.

Hand Washing Microfiber:

Wash in hot water with mild detergent, use a soft bristled brush if necessary. Rinse thoroughly.

Drying Microfiber:

Air drying microfiber will make it last the longest. Microfiber dries relatively quickly. If you choose to dry your microfiber in a dryer do so on low heat or no heat and only dry with other microfiber products to prevent the mops or towels from picking up lint. Microfiber will grab any lint given off by other items in your dryer if they are dried with anything else that lints.

Commercial Laundering Instructions for Microfiber:

The following are the instructions and wash formula that will assure maximum performance and longevity.

Detergent: High solvent for heavy soil. No Alkaline. Dose determined by product specifications for poundage.
No bleach, no fabric softener.

mmercial Microfiber Laundering

Operation Time Water Temp Water Level
Flush 2 Min 120º F High
Flush 2 Min 140º F High
Suds 25 Min 160º F Low
Rinse/Extract 3 Min 140º F High
Rinse/Extract 2 Min 80º F High
Rinse 2 Min 80º F High
Extract 6 Min



Commercial Drying Options:

Option One: Tumble dry: Maximum temperature 140f NOTE: Air Dry is preferred to double life.

Option Two (Mops only): Inject disinfectant during final rinse and do not dry. Bag mops with twist tie, then transport. Disinfectant residual will reduce mildew growth prior to use.

Option Three (Mops only): Do not dry mops, instead, place damp mops in buckets and dose with your chemical product. Within ½ hour all mops will be saturated and ready for use.

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