Looped Yarn Dust Pads

Microfiber Looped Yarn Dust Pads by Microfiber Wholesale

The Looped Yarn Dust Mop Pads are heavy duty microfiber mops made to handle hard surface floors with moderate to heavy soil. They’re great for quick home use to mop around furniture and gather pet hair, dust, and dirt. They also work great for professional cleaners who need a quick and effective clean before deeper cleanings with microfiber wet mops.

These dust mops are constructed of looped microfiber fringe yarn and six rows of looped microfiber yarn sewn to a polyester backing. They’re similar to our Yuma microfiber dust mops except they work with our regular velcro microfiber mop handles.

Use up the Looped Yarn Dust Pads when you need a quick cleaning solution that will pick up your moderate to heavy soil areas between deeper cleans. They’re great for dust mopping offices, classrooms, and retail stores. Be aware of the fact that these really pick up and hold onto everything, so they might not be ideal for areas with debris like wood splinters from pallets or metal shavings, because the dust mop won’t easily let go of them.

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18″ Microfiber Looped Yarn Dust Mop Pad
20″ Microfiber Looped Yarn Dust Mop Pad
26″ Microfiber Looped Yarn Dust Mop Pad

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