Dusting hard to reach places with microfiber

Dusting hard to reach places with microfiber

Dusting ceiling fans, lights, and other tough to reach places? At microfiberwholesale.com we understand You typically can’t reach high places with microfiber cloths when you’re cleaning. Sounds like you’ve got a job where its best to break out our high duster a microfiber dusting too. We have several available, I’m using the Chenille Microfiber High Duster. You can get to the tough to reach spots and also work around fragile objects.

Here’s how:

These are totally flexible so you can really mold them any way you need. Take your duster and bend it into a T shape for ceiling fans.

Bend it to a 90 degree angle for the tops of cabinets, the refrigerator, and other high up spots.

Microfiber is pretty unique. Each product has hundreds of thousands of microfibers which are all split so a cross section of an individual fiber would look kind of like an asterisk. They are positively charged so they attract negatively charged dust and trap it between each fiber. Crazy right? Nope. Just science.

Some of our other dusters are better for getting around fragile objects like photo frames or china, can you can also use our All Purpose Microfiber Towel to dust. Check out our other videos about some of these specific products and other methods.

Check out our full line of microfiber high reach dusting products:

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