Bucketless Mop

Bucketless Microfiber Mop Video

The Bucketless Mop is a savior from messy mop buckets and a tool for optimum efficiency. The pressurized tank sprays cleaning solution, or just plain water, evenly across the floor at a push of a button. You can cover more area with a mop pad without it drying out.

This American made mop relieves you of so much of the typical pain and labor associated with bucket mopping. It even reduces water usage by 97% over the old fashioned way. These mops are made from aluminum and high impact plastic. It’s the best made sprayer mop on the market. The frame completely swivels around for 360 degree maneuverability. It can come with either a 20 ounce or 30 ounce tank. The 20 ounce will get you mopping up to 2000 square feet while the 30 ounce will take you to 3000. Replacement parts are available as well.

Simply fill up the tank with water or cleaner. Attach your mop pad at the bottom with the velcro style loop and lock system and you’re ready to go. Pump up the tank to pressurize it and release the spray with one button. Super simple and much easier and less fatiguing to operate than other sprayer mops which require constant pumping.

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