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  • What's included - 18 "Microfiber Wet Mop Pads (2), 18" Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop Pad (1), Heavy Duty Telescoping Mop Handle, 18" Angle Microfiber Mop Frame.
  • Cleaning Pros Know Our Microfiber Mop System Gets Floors Cleaner! There's no more effective and efficient way to clean hard surface floors than with our Microfiber Mop System. Gone are the days of lugging a mop bucket, wringer and a heavy, ineffective conventional mop from house to house or job to job. Just grab this microfiber flat mop system then dust mop and wet mop your way to professional results!
  • This is the best mop kit for hardwood, laminate, stone, tile and concrete flooring. The microfiber picks up and holds dirt leaving all hard surface flooring sparkling and streak free. Use the dust mop pad to collect pet hair and larger debris, then the wet pad to get a deeper clean.
  • This is perfect for residential cleaning. It's large enough to still be efficient in open spaces, but small enough to be maneuvered around furniture.
  • You won't find a better mop kit at a better price. Detailed use and care instructions included. Start cleaning like a pro, order yours today!
Microfiber Mop for Hardwood Floors


Designed to leave all floorings clean and streak free.

hardwood floors
Laminate floors
Tile floors
Stone Floors
Concrete Floors


1 Mojave Dust Mop Pad for dust mopping, 2 Microfiber Wet Mop Pads to scrub & deep clean, plus a professional quality mop handle and frame.

Mop System
Microfiber Wet Mop Pads


This will get the job done faster, get the floors cleaner all while saving energy and mopping more ergonomically.


This mop system is designed for professional cleaners, it's also ideal for:

Residential Cleaners
Commercial Cleaners
Food Service
Restoration Services
Microfiber Mop For Laminate Floor

"Our cleaning company has been using Microfiber Wholesale's microfiber mop system for a few years now, and there's nothing that beats the cleaning job it does on our client's floors! The mop and mop pads are extremely durable, and withstand daily cleaning & many, many washes. We also really like the fact that the mop handle is removable and easily attaches to multiple different tools. This reduces the amount of equipment we need on cleaning jobs and makes it super easy to move from one cleaning task to another!"

Kyle K., Kipper Cleaning

"Your microfiber mop system is a lifesaver. Very versatile, lightweight and the mop head is so flexible it cleans almost everywhere."

Tim S., Two Maids

Product Details

Microfiber Wholesale’s Microfiber Mop System gives you everything you need to start mopping your home or office. This 18" microfiber mop kit with wet and dry pads includes a sturdy 16” Angle Microfiber Mop Tool, a Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop and two 18” Microfiber Wet Mop Pads. The kit is perfect for households with hardwood floors who want a fast, easy and effective way to keep their floors looking great. It's also used for residential, healthcare commercial, and even industrial cleaning settings! Start off with the dust mop pad to pick up dirt and debris then switch to a microfiber wet mop pad to get a deeper clean. The wet mop pad can be dampened with just warm water for a 100% green way to clean your floors, or you can add a chemical cleaner if you feel like disinfecting is needed.

Why use microfiber flat mops over traditional wet mops? For one, these are a bucketless mop system. This means you won't need to drag around a bucket full of water and constantly wring your mop out. Instead, when using a microfiber wet mop system, just rinse and wring out your pads in the sink when they get dirty and they are ready to go!

If you are thinking about using a disposable product like Swiffer thinks again! Use a machine washable mop system instead. It really is the best mop system for wood floors or any other hard flooring surface. Our mop pads included will stay effective through hundreds of launderings, just use our easy to follow care instructions and they will last for years to come! You'll save money in the long run by not constantly spending on new disposable pads. Plus microfiber cleans way better than cotton, meaning you'll save time mopping too!

For more information on each item included in the Microfiber Mop System or to add additional microfiber mops to your order click the links below. Included:

  1. 16” Angle Microfiber Mop Tool
  2. 18” Microfiber Wet Mops
  3. Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop

*Note: Item does not come packaged for retail. Orders for multiple systems come bulk packed.

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We've been in business for over 70 years and have a wealth of info in our knowledge base.

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United States United States
Very disappointed

I have been using MW mops for few years now and have been very happy with them. Unfortunately, things changed. I just received my order and to my disappointment, the mop frame is smaller than what I've purchased in the past. The telescopic pole, on the other hand is much longer than what I'm used to and too long to fit well in the trunk of my car. I'm not sure who comes up with those changes but if I can give you my professional and free advise, here it is: *16" mop is too small for cleaning businesses and easily available anywhere else (why wait over a week when I can get it at any Walmart immediately) , 18-20" angle mop head is perfect and lot more efficient *the telescopic pole needs to retract to length that will fit in the trunk of an average vehicle, 42" is too long. If you still want to serve professional community, please make some changes. Ps. Your stainless steel pole rusts :(

william w.
United States United States

great item, just need to order more mop heads

Tiffany S.
United States United States
Microfiber mop

I’m so happy to have this item! I used it at my housekeeping job and needed one for home! Works so much better than a regular mop!

charles s.
United States United States
Microfiber Mop System

easy to use works great dust pad clean up easy

susan d.
United States United States

awesome system, tried many mops over the years and finally my mop obsession is done! love it


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