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27" x 55" Buff™ Spa Microfiber Bath Towels

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$19.98 / 2 Pack
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  • Get Dry Fast! Our Buff™ Spa Microfiber Bath Towels wick away water instantly.
  • Love The Feel Of Those Fancy Hotel Towels? You are going to love these! Carefully woven and made with premium quality microfiber to ensure a soft luxurious feel!
  • No More Wet Towels! Not big and bulky like other towels, these towels air dry out fast.
  • Antimicrobial Fresche®-Tex locks and bonds to our microfiber towels where it delivers continuous protection against microbes and odors! It's not effected by conventional laundering.
  • Long Lasting Performance! Lasts through 100's of washings without linting like cotton. ORDER NOW!


Microfiber not only absorbs more water than cotton it dries faster too! That's because microfiber is more porous, thus helping get rid of that wet towel smell much quicker.


These bath towels are made with our plush microfiber weave. If you love the velvety feel of hotel or spa towels, you're going to love these!


These are antimicrobial microfiber bath towels. They've been treated with Fresche®-Tex, an antimicrobial treatment derived from natural coconut oil. This helps them to fight off the growth of bacteria and other microbes that would stink up your towel.


Buff™ Spa Microfiber Bath Towels are made with overlocked stitched edging to prevent unraveling. Unlike many cotton towels, these towels won't fray in the wash. Care instructions are included to help ensure your towels last hundreds of washings.

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Product Details

Use Buff™ Spa Microfiber Bath Towels for a fast and complete dry with a luxurious feel. They are constructed with a water wicking 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide blend. Our medium terry microfiber weave helps ensure these towels have a soft plush feel to them. It also ensures the towel isn't "too heavy", thus helping them air-dry out faster.

What Is Fresche®-Tex Antimicrobial Treatment? It is an antimicrobial treatment that provides continuous protection against the growth of bacteria and microbes, thus helping to make this towel odor free! This also reduces the amount of times you need to launder them which extends the life of the towel.  Fresche®-Tex is derrived from real and natural coconut oil, meaning it is a safe and non toxic antimicrobial treatment, plus it won't leech from the towel and has been tested to be effective after hundreds of launderings.


  • Size: 27" x 55" (69cm x 140cm)
  • Colors: White
  • Antimicrobial
  • Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

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