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  • Our Mwipes™ Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloths are made from a super soft, lint free microfiber suede material.
  • Easily Remove Fingerprints and Blemishes - Our 10"x 10" Large Microfiber Screen Cloths are perfect for easily wiping fingerprints from your ipads, computer screens, etc.
  • Machine Washable: Save money, time and space in the landfill versus disposable paper towels
  • Customize With Your Logo, Contact Info, Etc. - These are available in our custom microfiber printing. Learn More


Suede material is extremely absorbent, ready to remove away any lingering smudges, fingerprints, or smears. (smaller size shown in image)


These are a lint free type cloth, woven tightly to reduce fibers from shedding onto your surface. (smaller size shown in image)


These cloths are made to last hundreds of machine launderings without losing their effectiveness.


Get your logo, contact, info, or anything else printed on these cloths. Great for marketing events. Check out our custom printed option here!

Product Details

Our Mwipes™ 10”x 10” Suede Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth is perfect for removing fingerprints and other blemishes from ipads, TV screens, laptops, etc.! They’re made up of hundreds of thousands of split micro-fibers that are flat woven and napped into a super cloth that is lint free. It’s finished with pinked (zig zag) edges which resist fraying. It’s machine washable up to 250 washings.
Uses: This cloth is perfect for cleaning your large electronics, for smaller electronics check out our smaller sizes. The soft, flat woven surface of the cloth will pick up smudges on the surface of the electronics from your hands without leaving lint behind. These are sold in packs of 20, there is no minimum order.
Method: Simply use the cloth unfolded and use your fingers to rub the cloth against the surface being cleaned.
Size: 10”x 10” (25cm x 25cm)
Color: White, Gray, Blue
300 GSM
Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide (100% Microfiber)
Borders: Pinked (zig-zag)

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