Color Coding Microfiber at Home

I should really buy stock in Morton’s because I take everything with a grain of salt. If I was Morton-Saltreading a blog that tried to convince me that I needed different colored microfiber cleaning cloths to clean my house, I’d assume the person writing it was just trying to convince me that I need more cloths. Of course I am… but cut me some slack, I’ve got a family to feed and I sell a product that’s inexpensive and lasts for a really, really long time. Too long if you ask our accountant.

Kidding aside, I’m about to suggest that you use different colored cloths for different areas and different tasks, but despite what I said above my motivation isn’t really to get you to buy something you don’t need. Our pricing is quantity based, but you can combine colors to get to a price break. So, it makes no difference to us if you buy 5 each of 5 different colors for 25 total cloths or 25 of one color. It’s the same price. So, now that we all understand there’s really no financial motivation for selling different colors hopefully we can put that salt back in the shaker and you’ll continue reading with an open mid.

Why Color Code?

Color coding is an easy way to prevent transferring bacteria from one area to another. This is known as cross contamination, and even professional cleaners take careful steps in order to prevent cross contamination. Cross contamination causes infections. Preventing cross contamination is a big part of commercial cleaning (in fact, I just wrote an article on the subject for Cleaning and Maintenance Management Magazine). It’s also an important part of cleaning in hospitals and it should be important in your home. Think about it, you probably wouldn’t use a cleaning cloth on a toilet and then go use it to wipe down your kitchen counters, at least not on purpose. But how can you be sure that you’re not doing that? Mistakes happen.

Color coding can prevent that. You should use at least three colors of microfiber cleaning cloths. Use one color in the kitchen, another color in the restroom, especially to wipe down your toilet, and a third color for general cleaning in the rest of the house.

We have lots of colors of our 16×16 All Purpose Microfiber Towels. Pick 3 or 4 and stick with them. While the color coding program you implement can be custom to you, here’s a common color designation:

  • Red: Restrooms
  • Green: Kitchen
  • Blue: General cleaning and dusting

Color Coded Microfiber Towels

Here’s another thing to think about; laundering your cleaning cloths. We all know that bleach shortens the life of textiles and microfiber is no different. However, bleach is a great disinfectant and if you’re concerned about sanitizing your microfiber cloths you might try using a small amount of bleach when laundering your restroom cloths. Just understand that using bleach will wear the cloths out faster than just using detergent. You can wash them separately or use a pre-wash cycle with a small amount of bleach before adding in the rest of your microfiber. Only using bleach on your restroom cloths will prevent the rest of the cloths from wearing out prematurely.

Cross Out Contamination…

Check out the April issue Cleaning and Maintenance Management Magazine for our article on using microfiber to prevent cross contamination in commercial cleaning applications. Here’s the link. Below is an infographic that we created on the subject:

Using Microfiber to Prevent Cross Contamination

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into preventing cross contamination. It’s important to teach cleaning professionals why preventing cross contamination is important, in addition to how to actually do it. The colors are not set in stone, you can customize them to suit your needs, but again, as a guideline, here are the colors we recommend:

  • Red: Sanitary Appliances
  • Yellow: Other Restroom Fixtures
  • Green: Kitchen and Food Prep Areas
  • Blue: Low Risk Areas like offices, classrooms and common areas.

Remember, it’s also important to keep your equipment clean and mind how you handle the dirty and the clean microfiber!


Mopslinger or: How I mopped 6000 Square Feet the Hard Way (but not the really hard way because I was using Microfiber)

microfiber-mopslingerLet me tell you a story about the time I found myself with 6000 square feet of polished concrete that needed a moppin’ and I was woefully under equipped. I felt like a gunslinger in a western movie that was ready to take on a gang of banditos all by himself. Only my opponent was a banquet hall the morning after my niece’s first birthday party. Cue the theme from the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

So there I was… face to face with 6000 feet of the dirtiest, ugliest, no good concrete floor this side of the Mississippi. The night before this place was rocking like a saloon in a boom town, you know how wild first birthday parties can be! The morning after it was a sight to behold, enough to make a custodian shake in his boots. It made me as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. We were tasked with cleaning up after the event. I was giving the job, by my sister-in-law who I love taking orders from, of mopping the floor… which came with the quip “isn’t that what you do for a living anyway?” “Yes, proudly I reckon.”

I made a mad dash to the mop closet. Nothing but a mildew covered cotton string mop and a bucket full of dirty water. Talk about taking a knife to a gun fight. I wouldn’t last two seconds armed with that artillery. Then I remembered… years prior to this showdown I sent my mother-in-law a Microfiber Mop System. She never used it. To you guys I may be a mopslinging hero, but to my mother-in-law, I’m, well… just a son-in-law. A wise man once said “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” But I digress.

I jumped on my trusty steed and rode to my mother in laws to grab the mop kit. Eureka! There it was… in the same box I had shipped it in years ago. I armed myself with the mop and headed back over. First, I used the microfiber dust mop to make quick work of the entire space [That’s poetic license, in reality it took quite a while. Mopping up that much space with just one 18″ dust mop pad takes a long time. I was constantly brushing the debris out of the mop to keep going. I was truly outgunned] Then on to the wet mopping. I filled up a bucket full of ammo (hot water) and started firing with my six shooters (wet mop pads) until every square inch of that saloon was clean! [Again, a little bit of poetic license. Mopping that much space with just two wet pads isn’t fun. Ideally you’d use a much larger mop handle and frame, like 36″ or 48″ and have lots of pads to swap out as they got saturated with soil.] After I The banquet hall had never been so clean!

I was grinning like a weasel in a hen house as I rode off into the sunset.


How to keep your floor clean when you have a pet.

Pet hair on the floor, we know it all to well

I love my dog. He’s a 7 year old American Akita named Kyo. He’s a good boy, gentle and loyal. He has a coat that’s as soft as a mink! In late spring he “blows his coat”. If you’re unfamiliar with dogs blowing their coat it’s kind of like shedding on steroids. Think of it like this: Shedding is like dragging your Christmas Tree out of the house sometime between Christmas and New Years. You’re going to have some pine needles on the floor, but it won’t be too bad. A dog blowing his coat is like dragging the Christmas tree out in February. You can’t even believe the tree had that many needles to begin with. It’s a mess.

pet hair cleaning

Kyo really is part of our family and he’s allowed in the house. For most of the year his coat isn’t too much trouble, but for a little while in late spring he’s a disaster. Fortunately the alpha dog in our pack, me, happens to be an importer of the finest microfiber cleaning products known to man!

When our dog is blowing his coat, we do the same thing you should when your dog sheds, dust mop your floor with microfiber. You guys, it’s so easy to do… it literally takes a minute or so to dust mop a thousand square feet. If you know the right way to mop (mopping in a motion similar to a figure 8, keeping the leading edge of the mop moving forward) you’re pretty much guaranteed to collect all the hair on your hardwood or tile floors.

Special Tip: If your dog follows you around and gets in your way while you’re trying to clean up, give him a bully stick dog treat. They keep Kyo out of my way and they’re his favorite!

Check out this video for more on cleaning up dog hair… and then buy a microfiber mop kit:

Once you buy a microfiber mop, you’ll need to know how to get pet hair off more than just your floors! See what professional cleaner Annie Farron, has to say about creating a pet-hair cleaning regimen! 



How To Get The Most Out OF Your Microfiber Mops


General Mopping Tips

  • Use a dust mop to remove large particles of dust or dirt that can scratch your floors.
  • Mop handles should come under your chin so there is no bending or extending arms
  • If you have a collection of dirt when you’re done mopping, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe it up
  • Start in a corner and mop in a figure 8 pattern
  • Reduce train on your back and use lightweight mops with proper handle height

How To Use Microfiber Wet Mops

  1. Start with water only unless disinfecting
  2. Wet enough of the mop head for the job. Consider using a mop bucket
  3. Wring out so head is damp, not dripping
  4. As mop head gets dry, replace with wet one



Microfiber Wholesale’s 2015 Dusting Tips and Guidelines

One of the most time consuming tasks around the home or office is keeping it dust free. While dust-free might be an unrealistic expectation, Melissa Maker from has created a video that we think can help you move one more step in that direction.

Corners, Moldings and Door Frames

To clean the corners, door frames and moldings, the “lazy” way is to attach a microfiber cloth to a mop handle and kiss those cobwebs good-bye. A high duster is good for this as well and if you’re already cleaning up high you can kill two birds with one duster.

Microfiber Wet Mop PadWalls

Dusting your walls may seem crazy but according to, walls can hold a lot of dust if they’re not cleaned regularly. Melissa recommends attaching a microfiber cloth to a flat mop head and working in a ‘W’ pattern. Cleaning horizontal surfaces can be awkward but a small mop pad, like our wall wash mop pads, can make it easier.

Bathroom VentsAir Ventilation Duct

Most people forget about these little dust magnets. This one is an easy fix with just a vacuum with a brush attachment.

BaseboardsCleaning a Baseboard With Microfiber

So unless you want to  than grabbing a cloth like this guy and getting on hands and knees to wipe down the baseboards, you should refer to the tip for corners, moldings and door frames. Having your cloth attached to something that reaches the cleaning areas without stooping, bending or kneeling will make this job easier. See here for the full guide on how to clean baseboards.

Delicate Items Cleaned By Microfiber ClothsDelicate Items

Cut down on time spent dusting your shelves when you utilize the next tip. When you have delicate antiques or figurines on your shelves, use a small paintbrush. Lightly dampen the bristles and get detailed dusting without missing inserts and details. Microfiber Wholesale’s Mini Duster is also good for delicates.

Dust in the Right DirectionSnow Dusting Storm

When you dust, remember our friend Gravity and avoid a snow errr…dust storm. If you start from the bottom and work your way up, you’ll need to re-dust the bottom since the dust disturbed while dusting at the top will fall. If you start at the top, the blizzard will be settled by the time you get to the bottom, leaving you more likely to stay dust-free longer.

Use Microfiber ClothsStacked Microfiber Towels

Melissa’s next tip is one we can completely get on board with. She recommends only using microfiber cloths to dust. She points out that since microfiber cloths are positively charged, which attracts the negatively charged dust particles. That is something your old t-shirt can’t claim.

Cleaning Your DuctsClean Your Ducts

Cleaning your ducts may not seem like it would affect the dustiness of your house but it has more influence than you think. If there’s years of built up dust in your ventilation system, each time your furnace or AC kicks on, that dust is blown into the air. That old dust settles on your furniture, making a mess. It is recommended that you get your ducts cleaned every 5 years.

Ceiling Fans and Light FixturesCeiling Fan Cleaning With Microfier

Melissa recommends using a bendable duster to reach the high places that gather dust. We recommend our Chenille Microfiber High Duster. Microfiber grabs the dust and holds on to it better than any other fabric and the extra reach our high duster makes those hard to reach areas easier to clean.


Vacuuming Under Areas You Can’t See

The final tip might be the most creative. Tight or unseen places like under the bed or couch are magnets for loose change and other small items that can do major damage to your vacuum. This might cause you anxiety when you’re ready to clean with an attachment. Avoid sucking up anything but dust and dirt by placing pantyhose over the end of the attachment. This will filter out anything big enough to do damage.

What do you think of’s list? Do you agree? What are some of your best dusting tips?




An AWFUL Gift Idea

This time of year you’re probably inundated with great gift ideas, but how often are you emailed with an admittedly bad gift idea?

Probably never… until now.

I’m writing this to tell you to not buy our products to give as Christmas gifts. Even though we primarily sell to businesses, we want to get a piece of the consumer spending frenzy that’s about to take place as much as the next guy. However, we can’t think of one legitimate reason to tell people to buy microfiber cleaning products as gifts.

We imagined a few different scenarios and put our horrible photoshop skills to work:

Husband buying for a wife?
Angry Wife with Mop



Buying for a friend?

Mad Friend with Duster

Nah, not a good idea either. No matter how good the cleaning product is, they’re always going to think you’re commenting on the cleanliness of their abode.

So, when you’re ready to start buying clean supplies again, please remember us, the company that saved Christmas!

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors


Cleaning Glass is easier than ever

This is not our first blog post on this subject, but I swear, our method for getting streak free windows and mirrors is so good that I just have to keep telling people about it. We sell a set of 6 glass towels and two all purpose towels on our website and on Amazon. I was just reading some of the reviews from the last few days on Amazon and they’re pretty freaking awesome, I must say.

I love this one because the reviewer’s “eh” reaction to the glass cloths was the same as mine when I first got them over a decade ago. They’re not very impressive to look at but holy cow do they ever work well!


This reviewer describes the glass cleaning dilemma, and the solution, perfectly!


If you’ve read this far you might as well watch a quick video that shows what the method is… and then you might as well buy the best glass cleaning method ever (I mean, why not reward yourself for reading this far, right?).


Our Glass Cleaning system overview

Microfiber Silk Cloths

I’ve got another new product that I know you’re going to like. They’re our Microfiber Silk Cloths. Well, they’re not actual silk, but are often described as such because of their silk-like texture. They’re the kind of cloths you get when you buy a pair of sunglasses or a lens cleaning kit.

Really, we got these towels because there’s such a high demand for them to be customized with our microfiber towel printing. They’re perfect for that! In fact, if you want an inexpensive give away that people will actually use and therefore remember you and your company, get some! Who doesn’t need a cloth to clean their glasses or wipe down their iPhone?

So, as you might have guessed, they’re available printed and plain. They’re also available in two sizes and 6 colors. See the links below for more info and to purchase:

6×6 Microfiber Silk Cloth
8×8 Microfiber Silk Cloth
6×6 Printed Microfiber Silk Cloth
8×8 Printed Microfiber Silk Cloth