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Introducing Our New Buff Detail Microfiber Drying Towels

Buff Detail Microfiber Drying Towel Lifestyle At Microfiber Wholesale we believe in the phrase “work smarter not harder” and the process of drying and detailing your car is no exception. What seems like an endless process of getting rid of streaks and water spots left on the surface of your car is definitely hard work. The problem isn’t you, it’s that you don’t have the right tools. The solution, our Buff Detail Microfiber Drying Towels.

If you aren’t using microfiber cloths to dry or detail your cars, you’re making things much more difficult than they have to be. Most towels people use to dry their cars saturate quickly, meaning that instead of absorbing excess water and dirt, they are just shoving it to another place on the surface of your car. This is how water spots and streaks can form. That’s not an issue when using the Buff Detail Microfiber Drying Towels. With a unique hydrophilic twisted loop design that quickly moves water away from the surface and into the material, your car dries quicker since you collect all the water and dirt in a single swipe.Buff Detail Microfiber Drying Towels

Unlike many other towels and cloths that quickly lose their absorbency and effectiveness overtime, we ensure our Buff Detail Microfiber Towels will exceed your expectations! That’s because our towels are made from the best materials, meaning no scratches and they don’t wear out over time! They’re effective on any vehicle surface. We have included easy to follow maintenance instructions to ensure its effectiveness is maintained. Because of microfiber’s durable qualities, you will end up saving money on towels, all while making drying and detailing your car easier on you for years to come.

So start drying and detailing your car the right way and give our new Buff Detail Microfiber Towels a shot. We promise you’ll love them, and you will end up saving on both money and time. Click here to order your first Buff Detail Microfiber Drying Towels!

Sorry We’re Sold Out!

We are really sorry! We had a limited amount of our our old All Purpose Towels on clearance and they sold out in just one hour after we sent out our email! We were not expecting this, but no need to worry!

Let Us Make It Up To You

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Congrats to Jess Baidwan!

We want to recognize our friend, and one of the most knowledgable guys we know in the cleaning industry, Jess Baidwan for well deserved recognition in CleanLink. Jess is the custodial supervisor at Southern Ute Indian Tribe. We know first hand how seriously Jess takes his work and how important it is to him to get the right cleaning supplies and equipment in the hands of his team. Check out the article in which Jess describes how he motivates his team and what they’ve been able to accomplish.

Way to go, Jess!

Cross Out Contamination…

Check out the April issue Cleaning and Maintenance Management Magazine for our article on using microfiber to prevent cross contamination in commercial cleaning applications. Here’s the link. Below is an infographic that we created on the subject:

Using Microfiber to Prevent Cross Contamination

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into preventing cross contamination. It’s important to teach cleaning professionals why preventing cross contamination is important, in addition to how to actually do it. The colors are not set in stone, you can customize them to suit your needs, but again, as a guideline, here are the colors we recommend:

  • Red: Sanitary Appliances
  • Yellow: Other Restroom Fixtures
  • Green: Kitchen and Food Prep Areas
  • Blue: Low Risk Areas like offices, classrooms and common areas.

Remember, it’s also important to keep your equipment clean and mind how you handle the dirty and the clean microfiber!


New Item: Replacement Parts for Bucketless Mop

We just added replacement parts for our Bucketless Microfiber Mop Systems to our website.
Here is what is in stock:
Replacement Nozzle & O-Ring
Replacement Bucketless Tank – 20 Ounce
Replacement Bucketless Tank – 30 Ounce
Replacement Swivel
Replacement Velcro for 16” Frame
Replacement Tank Holder
If you find that you need some of these parts they’re available now! Click here to purchase.

Which Microfiber Mop Should You Use?

We get this question a lot. We currently have 37 different sizes and styles of Microfiber Mops, so it is no wonder the question comes up so often, if you are new to mopping with microfiber it’s easy to get confused. Of course if you want to pick up the phone and call us to get our opinion on which mop is best for you, we’re more than happy to help. However if you want online help we’ve put together guidelines for choosing the right microfiber mop. We put them right on our Microfiber Mops page so you won’t have to look too far to find them. We also included an estimate of how much you can mop with different size microfiber mops.

Our Amazing Microfiber Duster

We just posted a new video showcasing our amazing microfiber duster. This thing is really cool, you can dust just about anything with it including ceiling fans, banisters, behind and under furniture. It accepts any Acme threaded handle (like a handle for a paint roller etc.) including our Aluminum Threaded Handle. We get lots of comments from our customers, especially house cleaners and cleaning contractors, about how versatile the duster is and how much the like it.

For a duster starting at less than $4 and going as low as $2 for bulk orders, you really can’t go wrong. Buy a Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster today!

Even on Vacation…

Last week I was surprised to find myself cleaning with microfiber while on vacation. My family and I were on the Big Island of Hawaii and a couple of jobs came up that only microfiber could handle.

A few years ago I sent my mother in law a Microfiber Mop System. She never used it. She has her own method of cleaning her laminate floors and who am I to try to convince her that there’s a better way, it’s my mother in law after all. My wife often accuses me of preaching the benefits of microfiber too much anyway.

We were on the Big Island to help with my niece’s first birthday party which is a big deal over there. A large banquet hall was used for the party and the day after it was our job to clean it up. Years ago me and my wife’s wedding reception was also at this hall so it has special meaning to me and I wanted to make sure it got clean.  I had the option of using a stinky old looped end mop or getting the microfiber mop system that I gave to my mother in law (their house is just a few miles from the hall). Naturally, I chose the microfiber. The hall is probably about 6000 square feet of sealed concrete floors. I was armed only with an 18” Trapezoid Tool, a 20” Microfiber Dust Mop Pad and two 20” Microfiber Wet Pads. That’s not nearly enough microfiber to clean that much area, but I made do.

First I used the dust mop pad to dust the entire floor. The dust pad quickly became saturated with dust and dirt and since I only had one of them I had to take a broom and scrape it clean so I could reuse the pad. In order to make sure I was covering the entire floor I used the seams in the concrete to divide up the space into manageable sections. Then I took two regular mop buckets and filled them both up with hot water. In one bucket I added some Pine Sol for the fresh clean smell more than anything. Since I only had two wet mop pads I knew I was going to have to rinse them often.  I would soak the mop pads in the cleaning solution, wring it out by hand then mop as much of the section as I could. Once the pad dried out I’d toss it into the rinse bucket and repeat with the clean mop. Then I would dunk both mops in and out of the rinse bucket until they came clean. The mops would then go back into the cleaning solution. When I was finished the floor was spotless, probably cleaner than it has been in years.

The next use for microfiber came when we rented a condo at the beach. We shared it with my sister in law, her husband and their one year old. I have a 10 month old little girl and it only took a few minutes of crawling around on the tile floor for her to find a clump of hair a previous renter left behind. I immediately called my sister in law who was still at the in-laws house to ask her to bring me the microfiber mop system. Once they arrived I quickly went to work and within 5 minutes I had the floor clean enough for my daughter and niece to explore.

I may start packing a microfiber mop system as well as a few microfiber towels on every trip! 😉

How to Mop with Microfiber – House Cleaning

Check out our new video showing how to mop with microfiber. In the video we show you how to use both a microfiber dust mop and a microfiber wet mop in a home. The video shows how maneuverable our microfiber mop tools are and how quick and easy it is to mop with microfiber. You might find it interesting if you’re new to microfiber and not quite sure how to get started.

Incidentally the mops we used in this video are at least 5 years old and have been laundered about 125 times. They’re holding up pretty well and still work great.