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Who gives the best advice on how to grow your cleaning business? How about your peers! Check out some of our interviews with cleaning business owners or go to our Clean Like A Pro section. We have a variety of answers on increasing your company’s profitability to how to find great employees. Start making your cleaning business great today!

Get 5 Star Reviews – How To Exceed Customer Expectations

best residential cleaning business tips

Want 5 Star Reviews? With the Spring season among us, plenty of people will be seeking professional residential cleaning services. How do you impress customers when they turn to you for home cleaning or for maid service? We looked at a variety of both positive and negative reviews for some of the most popular maid services. Based on our findings, here are some ways you can exceed customer expectations this Spring and hopefully get those 5 star reviews and great referrals.

Provide Customized Cleaning Plans

Customers love being able to choose what needs to be cleaned; after all, who knows what needs to be cleaned better than the homeowners? Having an unchangeable task list during every visit will not give customers the flexibility they want in their cleaning. Instead, opt for customized plans, where the client can change the list of items to clean. Not only will the client be able to pinpoint what they would like cleaned, but you’ll know what exactly what areas to focus on during your service.

Create A Cleaning Checklist For Both Cleaner & Client

Speaking of lists, many customers find it helpful if they are given a checklist of cleaning services that are to be provided. Create a checklist of cleaning items you plan to complete and give a copy to your client so that both cleaner and client know what work was done. This is a great way to avoid any confusion down the road.

Maid Drying Dishes

Provide Cleaning That Is Not Just Thorough, But Consistent

We’ve found that many client complaints involve inconsistency. One of the top complaints is seeing a decline in quality work as time goes on. Customers will often compare current and previous service visits, whether it’s from the same or different provider. If their home is not cleaned as thoroughly as before, clients will take note of the inconsistency and it will affect their decision to hire the cleaning service in the future.

Another common complaint is that the cleaner missed certain areas they were supposed to clean. For instance, mopping the floors in the kitchen but missing the counters. Clients expect thoughtful attention from their cleaning service.

A Stellar Personality Goes A Long Way

More than anything else, customers value a pleasing personality. Pair high-quality cleaning skills with a friendly and courteous demeanor and you’ll win over any client. Sometimes we forget how important personality is when it comes to cleaning services, but it should come as no surprise that a great personality leads to more business. When you are friendly and respectful, you build trust with your clients. When your clients trust you, they’re more likely to hire you again and to refer you to people they know. That’s why hiring the right employees for your residential cleaning business is so important! See how Regina DeCorte of Maid in JC makes this possible.

Dusting Refrigerator

Be Attentive To Clients’ Needs

Actively listen to your clients’ requests when they hire your cleaning service. Sure, they want you to clean and tidy up their home, but maybe they don’t want you to use chemical cleaners or they have a particular method of cleaning the bathroom. No matter what the customer specifies, it’s important that you are listening to their needs. Confirm exactly what the client wants before you begin cleaning, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure what they are asking for.

Maintain Good Communication Throughout The Cleaning Service

Clean Up Now System

Often, a lack of proper communication will lead to unhappy clients. Even if you arrive at the client’s home on time and perform a thorough cleaning, you must be open to the client’s requests. If they point out a problem with the service, clarify what they would like to see. If a mistake was made, simply apologize and continue cleaning with the customer’s needs in mind.

Before and after the service, make sure you are responsive to all calls and emails. Customers will appreciate the time and effort you put into maintaining open communication with them.

Follow these residential cleaning business tips this season and you’re sure to leave behind both a sparkling home and a happy customer. You’ll be giving your clients peace of mind when you not only provide in-depth cleaning and customized plans, but also open communication, attention, and courtesy. For more info you can go to our Clean Like A Pro Section for more residential cleaning business tips. If you are a new cleaning business and wanting to learn how to get your business up and running, check out the Clean Up System Now.


3 Benefits Of Microfiber That Grow Your Cleaning Business

3 Benefits Of Microfiber

It’s not about cleaning. I know that may be a shock to cleaning business owners, but what it’s really about is your profitability. Think about it, would you be using microfiber if it didn’t help improve your bottom line? Of course not! With that being said many cleaning businesses use microfiber, but are unaware of all the benefits of microfiber on their bottom line. Let’s go over 3 of them.

Achieving Customer Delight

Do your customers care or know exactly what products you’re cleaning their homes with? Probably not. Your customers want exactly what you want, a job well done. So how does microfiber accomplish this? Because of the great and versatile cleaning ability of microfiber, your employees will be able to effectively complete any cleaning task on a variety of surfaces. Efficiency is important because when rushed employees are more likely to miss spots, get sloppy, or forget small details important to that specific customer. If you want those 5 star reviews, make sure you are using high quality microfiber products.

Microfiber Waffle Towel Clean Stainless Steel

Long Terms Savings

Here’s a trick to do with microfiber, try using just plain water to clean. This will save you loads of money on chemical cleaning solutions. I’m not saying to never use chemical cleaners, sometimes they may be absolutely necessary. With that being said, there are a variety of cleaning tasks that a microfiber towel or mop used with just water will sufficiently get the job done. So does this actually work? Yes, and here’s why. The microfiber definition is 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. This makes it small enough to remove harmful germs and bacteria from a variety of surfaces, some studies even showed up to 99% bacteria removal! Now just imagine millions of the microfibers working together to scrape up things like dirt away from your counters.

You know the risks of injury to your employees, so why not use products that have less impact on their bodies? Since microfiber requires less water than cotton to clean, microfiber mops can be much more lightweight, reducing the risk of repetitive motion injuries or strain. Microfiber flat mop systems also work great without the use of a heavy mop bucket. This can result in less lower back injuries.

Microfiber lasts longer than traditional cotton products. Not only will they retain their effectiveness through hundreds of washings, they are also more absorbent. This means you’ll get more out of them before you need to use a new one. Less is more with microfiber!

High Reach Microfiber Duster

Happier Employees

Want to make sure your employees are contributing to your bottom line? Make sure they are happy and equipped with the best cleaning products. This means products that are ergonomic and easy to use! As mentioned above microfiber products are lightweight because they don’t need a lot of water to clean, but they can also be used dry! That’s because microfiber has a natural positive charge attracting negatively charged dust. This means you can dry dust counters and floors. Also make sure the hardware includes necessary features for your employees. For example on our Microfiber Mop System, we’ve included an angled frame to make it easier to mop into corners. Your goal should always be for the job to get done effectively and efficiently.

Microfiber is a great all purpose cleaner. This can simplify your employees cleaning process, since many microfiber towels and mop pads will work great on a variety of surfaces. Try using a towel like our Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Towel to clean, wash, dry, polish, or buff! Of course there are specialty towels and mop pads, but generally speaking microfiber can be used for a wide array of applications.

What’s this all mean for your business? Making sure your employees are satisfied creates loyalty, which means you’ll have experienced staff who know what it takes to continually make your customers happy.


Whether directly or indirectly, using microfiber products helps increase your bottom line. With that being said, you do need to make sure the products you are using are high quality. That starts with how they are made. See for yourself where our microfiber is made. I’m sure there are many more benefits of microfiber you can think of that apply to your specific needs.

How To Find Great Employees For My Cleaning Business | Pro Tips From Cleaning Business Owners


How To Find Great Employees

How To Find Great Employees For My Cleaning Business

How To Find Great Employees For My Cleaning Business

Want to grow your cleaning business? Finding great employees is where you need to start. We've asked some of the cleaning industry's experts how they do it and what tools they use to get the job done. Below you'll find out how Regina DeCorte, owner of Maid In JC, attracts great new hires for her business.

How We Do It At Maid In JC

Sooner or later your cleaning business’ growth may be constrained by the number of new hires you can attract and retain. While on the surface it may seem simple enough to attract new recruits from an unskilled labor pool by paying a bit above minimum wage, it’s easier said than done. Let’s face it: ours in an unsexy industry with extremely high turnover. No one is proud to admit that their mother, wife or significant other is employed to scrub toilets in other people’s homes all day. What’s a business owner to do?

Always Be On The Lookout

Just as you consistently advertise for new clients, you must also recruit in tandem lockstep. So always be on the lookout, you never know when you might run into the right people.

Proper Advertising Strategies

Long term, happy employees are looking for more that just a paycheck and the way that you recruit should address those needs. If hoping to purge employees from local retailers, a tagline of “steady, predictable schedule of M-F hours is offered from day one” might connect you with candidates who are currently working for retailers who issue and cancel schedules on a whim. If hoping to attract candidates who are eager for a sense of connection, a tagline of “looking to make new friends while earning great pay?” might resonate with candidates who are feeling isolated at a current job. You’ll attract parent applicants with the tagline, “want nights and weekends off to spend more time with your family?” The main point, make your hiring Ads appeal to unmet needs or pain points.

Know What Makes Your Business Great!

Stop and ask yourself why anyone would want to work for your company for any length of time? Do you offer competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, rewards, incentives, birthday celebrations, paid or unpaid time off for sick, vacation or other? Each of us may have a unique selling point when it comes to why clients should hire us and we need to work even harder on why anyone would want to join our company.

Make Employee Referrals Your Goal

At Maid in JC we use a multi channel approach to attracting new hires. Our best recruits come from current employees who are offered a referral bonus when a new employee has celebrated their 3 month anniversary with us. It can take awhile to create a culture where currently employees feel engaged and rewarded. You’ll know that you’re hitting your stride when your employees start referring their friends.


What Do We Use To Find Potential Employees?

  1. A digital, 2-step, job application is easily enough created in Google Forms and allows for applicant screening. We look for candidates who enthusiastically answer open ended questions.
  2. Job fairs provide an opportunity for us to stand out with an array of “Reasons to Work For Us” that appeal to economic and social needs. Simply sitting down to make the list will force you to carefully consider your company’s unique value proposition to new hires.


Regina DeCorte Co Owner Of Maid In JC

Regina DeCorte
Owner of Maid In JC
Jersey City, NJ


  • Ask yourself "what is it that employees are looking for in a job" and then design your ads around that.
  • Know your unique selling point and leverage it!
  • If employees are willing to refer their friends when a job opens up, you know you are on the right track!
  • Look for candidates who enthusiastically answer open ended questions.

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Helping Cancer Patients and Finding Fulfillment with Lynn Frankenfield from Cleaning for a Reason

Listen to this Show and Learn:

  • The Phone Call hang up that led to over $4 million in free cleaning to cancer patients
  • How a Georgia Cleaner found new joy in her business working with cleaning for a reason
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