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3 Reasons Why Microfiber Makes The Best House Cleaning Products

Microfiber Towels Best House Cleaning Products For Homeowners And Professional Cleaners

Use Microfiber Towels to make your kitchen counters and appliances free of dirt and grime!

Your counters a sparkling, your floors are spotless, the clutter is gone, and you can finally breathe in that crisp fresh air. That’s the feeling of a freshly cleaned home, and there’s nothing like it! That’s why choosing the best house cleaning products is so important.

The dilemma? Getting there is another story. Cleaning is hard work. It’s tedious, and puts stress on your body from all the repetitive motions, crouching, kneeling, tip-toeing, etc. For all the great and rewarding benefits of cleaning, it sure seems like a chore that nobody would ever want to do.

Professional Cleaners Will Tell You- Microfiber Products Are The Best House Cleaning Products

Microfiber is loved by professional cleaners both residential and commercial. You probably already know it cleans great, but what if I told you it is more than just a great cleaner? There are many benefits of using microfiber products, but we’ll give you just 3 of the reasons why professional cleaners love them.

Microfiber Cleans Without The Use Of Chemicals

“Hazardous”, “Use With Caution”, “Warning”, read the labels on many of our daily chemical cleaners and you’ll notice these words in bold! Constant exposure to chemical cleaners can be bad for your health. So why pay for something that can hurt you, both physically and financially?

Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towels For Windows And Mirrors

Our easy-to-use Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack, gives you a clear and streak free surface in just two simple steps. Get one as low as $9.98.

With Microfiber products, you get clear and streak free windows and mirrors by just using water. How? Because of the large quantity of fibers, and their natural squeegee like ability to scrape up dirt and liquids. Take our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack for example. They are much more effective than a typical spray-and-wipe method for 2 reasons.

  1. You don’t have to carry around large squeegees
  2. Squeegees don’t pick up dirt. They just lift it off the surface, that’s why many times there are left over lingering streaks. Microfiber lifts and stores the streak causing dirt within its fibers.

Microfiber Is Easy On Your Joints

What if I told you cleaning didn’t have to be that hard? Does your hand hurt after scrubbing, or your joints start to ache from kneeling or crouching? The worst part about cleaning is how tedious some of the tasks can be. Because of microfiber’s great ability to lift dirt and pick up dust, you’ll spend less time performing scrubbing and cleaning motions with your wrists and hands. Microfiber is also lightweight. This can make a huge difference for tasks, such as mopping, since the fibers glide rather than drag.

Compare our Microfiber Mop System to a conventional cotton wet mop, and it’s obvious to see why professional cleaners choose microfiber flat mops! How do microfiber flat mops, such as our Microfiber Mop System, make mopping smooth and easy?

Microfiber Mop System

Our best selling Microfiber Mop System. Starting at $29.98!

  1. Microfiber glides rather than drags, that’s because there are so many fibers working as a team to pick up dirt and dust.
  2. You no longer need to carry a mop bucket around when mopping. Just dampen the wet mop pad, and you’re good to go.
  3. Our Microfiber Mop System comes with a swivel, making it extremely maneuverable around your house!
  4. Our Microfiber Mop System is ergonomic, so you’ll always clean comfortably and easily.

What’s The Secret To Microfiber? Microfiber Products Just Clean Better!

Buf Pro Multi Surface Cleaning Cloth

Our 12″ x 12″ Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Cleaning Cloths, work great on any surface and any cleaning task! Starting as low $0.60 each.

The success of microfiber lies in its nature. Microfiber by nature acts as a dust magnet, since it is positively charged, and dust is negatively charged. The fibers are also extremely small, 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, and microfiber is even small enough to pick up many germs and bacteria! With that in mind, can you imagine how many fibers are working together when you clean your counters with a microfiber towel? And because microfiber is lightweight, it is able to quickly absorb liquids and take care of spills immediately. Check out some of the best microfiber cloths for household cleaning, like our Buff™ Pro Multi-Surface Cleaning Towels.  They’ll clean and dry anything from you car, to your kitchens, mirrors, glass, and bathrooms.

Don’t make the mistake of cleaning with cotton towels. What advantage could you possibly have? Use the best house cleaning products, and choose microfiber for whatever you need to clean. If you don’t, can you really call it cleaning?

A Mediocre Gift Idea

Last year we implored you to not buy our products as Christmas gifts…and to our dismay, you listened. Seriously, it was one of the worst converting emails we’ve ever sent… so thanks for listening, I guess.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, last year at this time we sent this: An Awful Gift Idea. We explained how we desperately want to capitalize on the spending frenzy that goes on this time of year, but since we sell products that don’t really make great gifts, we couldn’t think of one legitimate reason to tell people to buy microfiber cleaning products as gifts.

Over the last year we’ve worked hard to come up with a great gift idea so we could take part in the spend-a-thon that’s taking place. I’m sad to report that we were not triumphant. We did, however, come up with something that’s a great product, just not a great gift. It’s not a horrible gift, either. It’s so-so. It’s passable. It’s somewhere between a new sweater and a pair of socks. It’s downright mediocre.

Behold: our Buff™ Home Microfiber Kitchen Towels!

The best we can figure is that you’ve got a 50/50 chance of getting a good reaction. Appropriately, we put our mediocre Photoshop skills to work. You could end up with either…


So, maybe you should just buy them for yourself! You can do so on the home of Professional Quality Microfiber (our website) or on Amazon.





Microfiber Saved My Life!

We have this running joke…

…in my house that I’m going to go broke buying Kleenex and toilet paper. It seems like we go through a ton of it. I have a mild anxiety attack any time somebody takes a Kleenex out of the box. I have a full on melt down when I walk into the bathroom and see an almost empty roll of toilet paper when I know just yesterday it was brand new! Even worse than that, sometimes I’ll see a half a roll on the ground which means my 1 year old was playing her favorite game, “Give Daddy a Heart Attack” by unrolling toilet paper when nobody is watching.

Paper WasterI have three little paper wasters, a 5 year old, a 2 year old and my nemesis, the 1 year old, all of them are girls. (I’m not including my wife on the list of paper wasters because, well… she knows how to read and while I may be dumb, I’m not dumb enough to call her out on my company’s blog.) I have reason to believe that my daughters are on the payroll of International Paper Company.

Recently I was in the garage restocking the shelf where we keep bottled water, our lifetime supplies of ketchup, syrup and ranch dressing (thanks Costco!) and our paper goods. It was then that I realized how truly fortunate I am. You see, while we do consume an inordinate amount of Kleenex and toilet paper, our chub pack of paper towels never seems to get depleted! In our house, when a sippy cup of apple juice gets spilled, or hurled across the room, we soak it up with microfiber. Really, the only thing we use paper towels for is to cover my plate of food that needs to be reheated when I get home late because I was busy at work taking care of our beloved customers (that’s you!).

Seriously, we use almost no paper towels in our house. I was thinking of some of the common things people use paper towels for and what we’ve used to replace them with. Conveniently I’ve added links to our corresponding product pages, aren’t I helpful!

I’ve never used a microfiber towel as an emergency coffee filter or to cook bacon in the microwave, but other than that there really aren’t many other applications that you can’t swap our a paper towel for a microfiber towel.

I think if you can follow my convoluted salesman logic you’ll come to the same self serving conclusion that I did. Here’s the thought process: I stress over the amount of paper my family wastes. Stress kills. We would waste much more if we didn’t substitute microfiber towels for paper towels. Microfiber has saved my life.

Let microfiber save your life too, order some microfiber today!

Mopslinger or: How I mopped 6000 Square Feet the Hard Way (but not the really hard way because I was using Microfiber)

microfiber-mopslingerLet me tell you a story about the time I found myself with 6000 square feet of polished concrete that needed a moppin’ and I was woefully under equipped. I felt like a gunslinger in a western movie that was ready to take on a gang of banditos all by himself. Only my opponent was a banquet hall the morning after my niece’s first birthday party. Cue the theme from the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

So there I was… face to face with 6000 feet of the dirtiest, ugliest, no good concrete floor this side of the Mississippi. The night before this place was rocking like a saloon in a boom town, you know how wild first birthday parties can be! The morning after it was a sight to behold, enough to make a custodian shake in his boots. It made me as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. We were tasked with cleaning up after the event. I was giving the job, by my sister-in-law who I love taking orders from, of mopping the floor… which came with the quip “isn’t that what you do for a living anyway?” “Yes, proudly I reckon.”

I made a mad dash to the mop closet. Nothing but a mildew covered cotton string mop and a bucket full of dirty water. Talk about taking a knife to a gun fight. I wouldn’t last two seconds armed with that artillery. Then I remembered… years prior to this showdown I sent my mother-in-law a Microfiber Mop System. She never used it. To you guys I may be a mopslinging hero, but to my mother-in-law, I’m, well… just a son-in-law. A wise man once said “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” But I digress.

I jumped on my trusty steed and rode to my mother in laws to grab the mop kit. Eureka! There it was… in the same box I had shipped it in years ago. I armed myself with the mop and headed back over. First, I used the microfiber dust mop to make quick work of the entire space [That’s poetic license, in reality it took quite a while. Mopping up that much space with just one 18″ dust mop pad takes a long time. I was constantly brushing the debris out of the mop to keep going. I was truly outgunned] Then on to the wet mopping. I filled up a bucket full of ammo (hot water) and started firing with my six shooters (wet mop pads) until every square inch of that saloon was clean! [Again, a little bit of poetic license. Mopping that much space with just two wet pads isn’t fun. Ideally you’d use a much larger mop handle and frame, like 36″ or 48″ and have lots of pads to swap out as they got saturated with soil.] After I The banquet hall had never been so clean!

I was grinning like a weasel in a hen house as I rode off into the sunset.


An AWFUL Gift Idea

This time of year you’re probably inundated with great gift ideas, but how often are you emailed with an admittedly bad gift idea?

Probably never… until now.

I’m writing this to tell you to not buy our products to give as Christmas gifts. Even though we primarily sell to businesses, we want to get a piece of the consumer spending frenzy that’s about to take place as much as the next guy. However, we can’t think of one legitimate reason to tell people to buy microfiber cleaning products as gifts.

We imagined a few different scenarios and put our horrible photoshop skills to work:

Husband buying for a wife?
Angry Wife with Mop



Buying for a friend?

Mad Friend with Duster

Nah, not a good idea either. No matter how good the cleaning product is, they’re always going to think you’re commenting on the cleanliness of their abode.

So, when you’re ready to start buying clean supplies again, please remember us, the company that saved Christmas!

Color Coding Your Way to a Premium Clean with Bob Mann of Jan Pro Systems

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  • The color coding system you can use to ensure you’re providing top quality service
  • Why you should absolutely use a different cloth in each room
  • The importance of durability in your cleaning products and how to evaluate it


Microfiber Cloths
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Microfiber Mop Hardware

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Optimizing Efficiency in Your Cleaning Company with Matt Rickets from Better Life Maids

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Tips to improve efficiency and reduce cost
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How many washes you should be getting out of your Microfiber products


Better Life Maids
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Microfiber Mop Charging Bucket
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Editors Note:

In the interview, Matt mentions contracting with a commercial laundry to wash his microfiber and how he believes their equipment has extended the life of their microfiber. Refer to our recent article “Microfiber: Rent vs. Buy” for more on working with commercial laundries.

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Healthcare Mop Study Update

I was recently asked by a friend in the business if we had any material (charts, graphs, etc)EPA Microfiber Mop that described the labor and cost savings associated with using microfiber mops vs. conventional mops. I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t anecdotal with the exception of the 2002 EPA study done at UC Davis Medical Center. If you’ve never read it, you should… here it is. It’s probably had more to do with the switch to microfiber in the early to mid 2000’s in the US than any other single document, especially in the healthcare field. It’s also probably been quoted and paraphrased in more sales literature than any other piece about microfiber.

The focus of the study was on the labor, chemical and water savings when using microfiber mops instead of conventional mops. It also briefly touches on the huge advantage microfiber flat mops have when it comes to preventing cross contamination since only one mop is used per patient room instead of one conventional mop per two or three patient rooms.

When you look through the cost breakdown something should jump out at you… the cost of the microfiber mop. $17.40 each! That’s just for the mop pad. The study never says what size mop pad was used in the study, but we can assume they were 18” since back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s there wasn’t a variety of sizes available. Now, in 2014, the same type of microfiber wet mop pad would cost as little at $2.40 each on our website.

Because of this incredible change in the price of the mop over the last decade, I thought it would be interesting to recalculate the findings of the study with the more current pricing.

Here is how the numbers broke down: EPA Mop Table