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Microfiber Bath Towels

At Microfiber Wholesale, we’re always looking to improve our existing product line and introduce new products to the marketplace. For awhile now we’ve been working on microfiber bath towels.

We’ve tried the ones out there and weren’t impressed. It seems that most of the microfiber bath towels on the market are really just over sized cleaning towels. We can do better. We’re getting close to an amazing microfiber bath towel that is unlike the others out there. We’re starting to get pretty excited and wanted to share it with you!microfiber-bath-towels

Our all new microfiber bath towel will be ultra soft yet lightweight. It will super absorbent without that uncomfortable grabby feeling as you dry off – it wicks away the moisture from your skin! It’s quick drying in the dryer which is going to mean huge energy savings. When folded, it takes up less space than a traditional cotton bath towel, making it perfect for the gym, spa or pool. It also will help with the overcrowding in your linen cabinets and closets.

We hope you’re as excited about Microfiber Wholesale’s all new line of bath towels as we are! We can’t wait to show them to you. If you want to be notified when they become available, subscribe to our newsletter here:

Merry Microfiber Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Microfiber Wholesale!

Since our last post about mediocre holiday gifts didn’t exactly drive up sales – it’s OK, we expected that; people prefer jewelry and electronics to cleaning supplies – we needed something to keep our microfiber elves busy. This little project kept them busy for hours! So, without further ado, we present to you our Microfiber Christmas Tree!!


What do you do when you happen upon a couple cases of microfiber fluffy dusters in forest green? Forget about them until Christmas and then, make an amazing tree from them! And check out the ornaments and gifts! They’re all made with our Microfiber products! The bow and some ornaments are made from our 8″x8″ Microfiber Silk Cloths and the gifts are wrapped with our 16″x16″ Buff Pro Multi Surface Towels and our 16″x16″ Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels

We know that you already know that Microfiber is the best way on earth to make your home sparkle. Impress your guests this holiday season with Microfiber Wholesale’s line of dusters, towels and mops. Merry Christmas!

I didn’t know you had that!

In sales, the worst thing you can hear is the word no. Would you like to buy a microfiber towel? No. Since I lack the tenacity that good sales people have, that’s usually the end of it. However, I’m starting to realize that there’s something salespeople are also told that’s almost as bad as “no”. It’s I didn’t know you had that! I’ve heard it a few times recently and it’s like a punch in the stomach each time I hear it.

I didn’t know you had that usually comes from an existing customer and it usually implies that they would have been buying  that from you all along if you simply would have told them you had that. Of course, there’s positive in it too since it also implies that they will start buying it from you now that they know you have that.

So, allow me to tell you that we have that.

For those of you that only buy Microfiber Towels from us, we also have a great selection of Microfiber Mops that make cleaning all hard flooring types a breeze.

Microfiber Mops

For those of you that only buy Microfiber Mops from us, we also have a wide selection of Dusters including everything from dusters for delicates to mitts to high dusters.


For those of you that only buy Microfiber Dusters from us, we also have a diverse selection of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. We’ve got towels to clean your eyeglasses and camera lenses, towels to dry your car, and everything in between.

Microfiber Towels

Optimizing Efficiency in Your Cleaning Company with Matt Rickets from Better Life Maids

Listen to this Show and Learn:

The best way to structure your cleaning team for employee satisfaction and effectiveness
Tips to improve efficiency and reduce cost
Why you should send out more supplies with your cleaning teams
How to work with a professional cleaning company to extend the life of your products
How many washes you should be getting out of your Microfiber products


Better Life Maids
Better Life Cleaning Products
Net Promoter Score
Microfiber Mop Charging Bucket
Microfiber Towels

Editors Note:

In the interview, Matt mentions contracting with a commercial laundry to wash his microfiber and how he believes their equipment has extended the life of their microfiber. Refer to our recent article “Microfiber: Rent vs. Buy” for more on working with commercial laundries.

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Microfiber: Rent vs. Buy… or Something In-Between?

It’s always a good idea to examine ways in which your business can be more efficient. If you own or manage a maid service, janitorial service, or building service company chances are you rely on microfiber towels, mops and dusters to keep your clients’ facilities sparkling. Working with a commercial laundry may be a great way to increase your efficiency.

What many people refer to as “Uniform Companies” or “Linen Companies” are more accurately described as Textile Rental Services. These commercial laundries launder anything in industry, hospitality and healthcare that need to be laundered on a regular basis, including uniforms, linens, towels, mops, and mats. They then rent those items to businesses and institutions that use them. In the interest of full disclosure, our company has been providing cleaning textiles (wet mops, dust mops, towels and dusters) to textile rental services since the 1950s. Roughly half of our business today is selling to Textile Rental Services; the other half is selling directly to end users like maid and janitorial services. Because of our history we understand the pros and cons of renting textiles vs. buying and washing them yourselves.

There are many things to consider when deciding if rental is right for your business. Among these are quality and inventory control, selection, cost, and natural resource consumption.

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Microfiber and Heat Don’t Mix

As you all know Microfiber is an incredible cleaning tool. However, it is important to remember that as great as microfiber is, you cannot use it everywhere. It’s replaced so many of our traditional cleaning methods in so many applications. A few Melted Microfiber Towelyears ago in a restaurant the same cotton bar mop that would be used for everything in the kitchen would also be used to wipe down table between customers and probably even to wash the windows. Now in many cases microfiber has replaced the cotton bar mop in the front of the house, however in the kitchen you probably won’t find much of it with the possible exception of it being used to dry dishes and polish flatware.

There’s a very good reason microfiber can’t replace cotton in the kitchen; it melts when exposed to heat.

Burnt Microfiber Waffle TowelThe picture above is what happens when you try to use our all purpose microfiber towel to remove a vegetable grilling basket from a 400+ degree barbecue. The picture to the left is what happens when you put a microfiber waffle towel used for drying to close to a lit gas stove (actually right on top of a lit gas stove). As you can see the towels didn’t catch on fire, but they did melt like a plastic would when exposed to high heat. The reason for this is the polyamide (nylon) fibers in the towels have a relatively low melting point. Because of this you have to be careful when using microfiber in a kitchen or other application with the possibility of exposure to high heat.

Is Microfiber Green?

Microfiber Green CleaningAre microfiber cleaning products truly green cleaning tools? Overall, does microfiber have a positive impact on the environment or a negative impact? There are three questions we must ask and we’ll make an evaluation based on the answers; is it made in a green way, is it used in a green way and can it be disposed of in a green way?

Let’s start with the first question. Is there anything green about what microfiber is made from or how it’s manufactured? When compared to a natural fiber like cotton the answer is no. Microfiber is made mostly from polyester which is composed mostly from an ester and a dihydric alcohol and a terephthalic acid. It also requires nearly twice the energy to produce microfiber as it does to produce a natural fiber such as cotton.

Is it used in a green way? The answered is an overwhelming yes! There isn’t anything else on the market that cleans as effectively without using chemicals as microfiber. The difference between microfiber and other non-microfiber mops, towels or dusters is the other products rely on chemicals to do the cleaning and they just remove what the chemicals release from the surface. Microfiber does both, it loosens dust, dirt and debris from surface and also takes it off of the surface. It’s also exponentially more durable than natural fibers like cotton. Compare a microfiber towel to a cotton bar towel. A cotton bar towel can be washed 20-30 times before it loses its effectiveness, a microfiber towel can be washed 200-300 times before it loses its effectiveness. Since a microfiber towel lasts ten times longer that certainly overcomes the fact that it’s manufactured in a less environmentally friendly way.

Can it be disposed of in a way that’s environmentally friendly? Yes! First of all, microfiber is not biodegradable. If you’re concerned about the environment then you don’t want to toss worn out microfiber in trash receptacles that will end up in a landfill. However there are numerous ways to recycle microfiber. The easiest way is to take your worn out microfiber to a thrift store like Salvation Army or Goodwill. When they have textiles that don’t sell they send them off to companies that repurpose them for things like cushioning and batting. Another way to recycle microfiber is to send them directly to the companies that repurpose them.

Despite microfiber’s drawbacks which include what it’s made from and the fact that it’s not biodegradable; microfiber is absolutely a green cleaning tool. Its drawbacks are far outweighed by the benefits of microfiber which include its incredible durability and the fact that you can clean effectively without chemicals.

Microfiber Towel Comparison

Not all microfiber towels are created equal. We collected microfiber toMicrofiber Towel Comparisonwels from Walmart, Target and K-Mart. They’re “all purpose” type terry microfiber towels. We wanted to compare them to our 16″x16″ All Purpose Microfiber Towel. We put the towels through three tests; a touch test in which we compared how the towels felt to the touch, a weigh test and an absorbency test. We made a video of the test:

Here’s a quick breakdown of the results:

Vendor Size Weight GSM Softness





(1-10) 16×16 54 Grams 337 8 9 9
Walmart 14×14 36 Grams 293 8 3 8
K-Mart 14×16 48 Grams 332 7 3 5
Target 14×14 36 Grams 293 5 7 3

Clearly our towel performed the best. Keep this in mind the next time you see microfiber towels available at a retail store. Are they as absorbent? Will they grab and hold as much? Are they as heavy? Will they last as long?

Is Microfiber Always Best?

There is no doubt; microfiber is an incredible cleaning tool however it does have limitations. Most of those limitations are a result of microfiber working too well. I recently had a conversation with a customer about this very subject. My customer is an industrial laundry, they’re main business is providing uniform service but they also provide wet mops and dust mop (among other things) to their customers. The products they provide are picked up and laundered every week. They made the decision to switch all of their wet mops and dust mops from cotton/synthetic to microfiber. At first this sounded like a great idea, microfiber cleans better and lasts longer than their cotton and synthetic counter parts. Longevity is key for laundries. However after we gave it some thought we realized that there were certain instances where microfiber wouldn’t be best.

Microfiber Dust Mop with Metal ShavingsThe reason microfiber won’t work for all applications is pretty simple, it works too well. If my customer used a microfiber looped dust mop (which is what they were going to switch to) in a machine shop where metal shavings were all over the floor they would have a hard time getting the microfiber to release the metal shavings once they picked them up. The dust mop would clean the floor very well, but you wouldn’t be able to use it anywhere else because you would risk scratching the floor.

Recently we were clearing out some old inventory in our warehouse. Once we got the Microfiber Duster with Splintersshelves emptied out we grabbed a microfiber duster to dust off the shelves. The shelves are unfinished plywood, they’re pretty rough. We found out pretty quickly that this duster wasn’t the best one for the job. It grabbed the splinters on the wood and wouldn’t let go making it nearly impossible to dust the shelves. Another instance where microfiber isn’t best is around extreme heat or exposed flame, since microfiber is made largely from polyester it will melt.

Custom Microfiber

Do you need a microfiber cleaning product that you can not seem to find? Have an idea for a new cleaning tool that you would like to introduce to the market place? Contact us for custom microfiber.

To help you get ideas of what’s custom microfiber is possible, we added a new section to called Custom Microfiber. This section is different than other sections of the site in that the products in this section aren’t available to ship right away. Instead, the items that will be posted are there to give you an idea of what can be done. In this section we’ll showcase custom microfiber towels, custom microfiber mops and any other custom microfiber cleaning product you can think of. These items will obviously be special order with minimum order quantities and extended lead times.

For instance, the first item we put in this section is an Anti-Static Microfiber Cloth. This isn’t something that’s currently in stock, but we do have samples of it so if it’s something that you think might fit your application you can request a fabric sample. Once you approve the material you would then decide what size you want the item to be, then we’ll get you a price, minimum order quantity and lead time. If you decide this is something your company needs you’ll provide payment and your order will be placed.

We plan on adding new custom microfiber products to the section on a regular basis and we won’t always announce it on this blog so be sure to check back often to see what we’ve put up.